Video: ’101 Jobs For 101 Days’ Launches

April 6, 2018

A new initiative — 101 Jobs for 101 Days — has launched aiming to provide a means of income in exchange for services rather than financial assistance, and to provide an opportunity for people to showcase their skillset, work ethic and update their resume with more recent job experience.

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col. David Burch said, “Today I am pleased to announce another step forward in that quest – 101 Jobs for 101 Days. Not a gimmick but real employment for people right now – albeit it initially temporary.

“The aims of the programme are twofold: To provide a means of income in exchange for services for those individuals who find themselves unemployed that will allow them to sustain themselves in the short term [rather than the alternative of financial assistance]; and to provide an opportunity for those individuals to showcase their skillset, work ethic and update their resume with more recent job experience.

The 27-minute live video replay is below:

“The work will be generally unskilled work – so no one is excluded – covering such tasks as minor construction works, bulk waste and horticultural removal along with Government minor construction works, bulk waste and horticultural removal along with Government office moves and other miscellaneous jobs that need attention.

“The programme will be managed under the Hustle Truck umbrella ably managed by the Bermuda Housing Corporation – those interested in participating can contact the 101-4-101 Office co-located with the Hustle Truck Office at Harmony Club lower –Telephone number – 236-0540 or email or for further information contact BHC at 295- 8623.

“The first wave of 20 workers – already identified – will start this Monday, April 9th – to begin the clearing of rubbish and debris from the former Club Med site in St. George’s. As a part of the agreement with the St. Regis Hotel developers – the government must deliver up a clean site.

“Sadly, irresponsible residents have been using the site as a regular dumping ground for all manner of things including beds, appliances, furniture and household garbage. This is a major exercise that will involve placing various large bins onsite and sorting items of garbage there before delivering to the appropriate disposal locations.


“The remaining participants will be administratively processed to commence work the following week. Two more of the initial projects will include the gutting of the Allenhurst Building [the former Hamilton Police Station] on Parliament Street and the removal of surplus furniture and some minor demolition works from the recently purchased IAS Building – soon to be renamed BHC House on Church Street.”

“Now – while this work is temporary – we shall continue to work aggressively on expanding opportunities for full time employment but I am certain that some full time work will come from this exercise as private contractors working with us will observe the work ethic and habits of some of these workers and offer them full time employment.”

The budget for the initiative is approximately $1 million.

Minister Burch’s full statement follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Reuben says:

    While having some work is better that no work I can’t help but feel that this is a remake of the hussle truck which didn’t really have the desired effect it was suppose to have.

  2. facts of the rock says:

    Not a gimmick but real employment for people right now – albeit it initially temporary.

    ( you figure it out!).

    • Toodle-oo says:

      It IS a gimmick because they’re using our tax dollars to pay them. They haven’t created anything.

      You do understand the difference between private sector job creation and government spending , don’t you ?

      • I bet they would make more money then they made when AC was here.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          And were they the type of people to get involved with the AC anyway ?

          It’s more than likely that the money is there to pay them thanks to the AC .

        • rumsoak says:

          What , more than 300 million?

          • rumsoak says:

            By the way , I do realize you are a troll , but there are people out there that cling to what you say , straighten up and fly right man .

        • Sound Off says:

          Perhaps Onion Juice if individuals like you didn’t discourage them not they may have gotten some work. Tell me…how many do you know that applied to work there and we’re told no. If you didn’t apply then stop your whining.

          You like so many others in this country expect a hand out. Those that wanted work we’re given opportunities to work. Then there were others like you that complained about everything and did nothing.

          Why don’t you ask Your government bto honestly answer where the extra money came from to even offer such a scheme.

          • The same place where SpongeBob got it when he told seniors money dont grow on trees then reached in his top hat and pulled out $70 Million for a sailboat race for Billionaires.

            • jt says:

              As soon as the plp come up with something that has the same return on investment as AC I will be the first to congratulate them (well 2nd – after you of course).

  3. puzzled says:

    101 days?

    Nowin dem lot hitz gunna taik lutts mahore den 101.

    And what incentive to they have to work hard and clean up quicker.
    They have 101 days and free transport to do it.

    More social assistance.

    • Good work PLP, keep looking out for the People and you will get another term in.

      • SMH says:

        Good work OBA, If it wasn’t for the OBA, there’d be no money to ‘hand out’ to these unemployed people :)

      • jt says:

        It’s not hard to make people happy.
        Reducing the defecit as promised will be the challenge.

      • Up D Hill says:

        OJ You will be one of those voting them out. They have done nothing but ride the OBA wave with nothing in the pipeline to stimulate business in Bermuda! Buy the way, I made good money during the AC35 BECAUSE i WENT AFTER IT!! Unlike you and your slackers!!!

      • wahoo juice says:

        Yes plp the pleeple love you and we want to get Beyonce please.

  4. baileysbay says:

    PLP budgeting strategy, “SPEND SPEND SPEND!!! It’s not our money, who cares!?!?!”

    One day the country will be in default and at this rate very soon…

  5. PBanks says:

    One of the issues at hand for Govt (if they wish to defend it) is the perception that this move is similar to expanding the civil service for a couple months; ie using taxpayer dollars to pay more people… as opposed to getting individuals working in the private sector.

    PLP supporters will say that the ends justify the means while OBA supporters will say this is just extended financial assistance.

    • Are these people just standing in a line and recieving money or are they gonna be working to get paid?
      We are paying politicians a $#!+ load of money to adrees the affairs of our country and they are absent from Parliament.

      • PBanks says:

        Yeah, MPs are supposed to represent their constituents, so them being absent from the House is poor beyond belief.

      • SMH says:

        “We are paying politicians a $#!+ load of money to adrees the affairs of our country and they are absent from Parliament.”

        24 – 12

  6. Real Deal says:

    Thanks you Mr Burch. This is a good thing putting some money in the hands of the people who spend the most in the economy. This is a good chance for some people I hope all will take advantage of this opportunity.

  7. sandgrownan says:

    Short term spend, creates feel good factor and perpetuates the myth that Burch “gets things done”.

    Utterly clueless but the base will lap it up.

    • Yet your base benefitted from AC.

      • sandgrownan says:

        My, you’re precious aren’t you.

        OK, it’s a good gimmick, it provides a handful of people with an opportunity for a limited time. Good. It might even buy a vote or two, certainly you’re stupid enough to believe it.

        But it doesn’t generate wealth. For an initiative to be sustainable, it needs to create demand for goods and services. And it takes a long time to do that – so you need to get creative, you need major sporting events, a handful of infrastructure projects, and a long term view of how to get wealth growing. What you need is more people – permanent or temporary, but more of them spending money. You need a pathway to status or PRC, you need a friendly, progressive business environment.

        Conversely, it doesn’t take very long to remove demand for goods and services, see Burch during the 14 years of darkness to see how that works.

        What we have, however, is a bunch of religious conservatives who think like 1960′s revolutionaries and who couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag.

        So, OJ, why don’t you STFU and GBTW

        • Maybe we cant argue a way out of a paper bag, but we negotiated our way to a better future (in good faith) from de 60′s and continuing after being alienated in a racist society that has perpetuated Anglo-Saxon superiority which is supported by centuries of barbaric oppression which related to generational wealth and biased legislated policies which supports de social image of entitlement and undeserved privilege.
          And everywhere this historic model is, there are @$$#0£$ that that promote it.

          • Mike Hind says:

            And don’t you just wish it was you with the unearned privilege?

            You rail against all this, but you don’t want the system changed… you just want to be the one on top.

            The evidence of this is how strongly you try and the depths to which you will sink to hold on to your own unearned privilege! We’ve seen you lie. We’ve seen you say horrific things. We’ve seen you personally attack people simply because they exposed you.

            You are everything you rail against.

            You don’t hate the way things are. You just wish it was you benefitting from it.

  8. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    So while they’re “employed” will they still be getting financial assistance too?

    • We give Banks, Hotels, and we gave Americas Cup financial assistance (which is owned by Billionaires).
      And ya point is?

      • SMH says:

        “We give Banks, Hotels, and we gave Americas Cup financial assistance (which is owned by Billionaires).”

        No we didn’t.
        once again, OJ is lying because he doesn’t have anything else to do. LOL

      • baileysbay says:

        Yes and they have brought/bring in hundreds of millions of $$ to the island….

        • Anbu says:

          Hes too small minded to understand anything economy related. Hed literally let them stomp his head in so long as they look like him.

  9. Zevon says:

    Still not one single job has been created by this government.

    • sandgrownan says:

      They, honestly, have no idea what they are doing other than how to give sandwiches to seniors in church halls.

      • More then what SpongeBob gave, and thanks to those seniors who fought through a racist Oligarchy System, is why we have a half balanced society which is still stacked against us.
        Thank you seniors for your sacrifice and courage against an evil sytem , even undeserved privileged spoiled brats cant appritiate your contribution.

        • Zevon says:

          Still zero jobs created by this government. Doesn’t make any difference how much hate you spew. Zero. Jobs.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Aw… you pouting?

          Maybe it’s a thank you for breaking the law and being pepper sprayed?

          Still won’t improve the economy

        • Right says:

          You are correct. We have suffered under the elitist OBA/UBP agenda. The 1% made the 99% of money from AC. The elitists also used AC to maximize their profits by giving themselves tax relief at our country’s expense. PWC are complicit by producing such a sham of a report on the outcome of AC. Who excludes core costs from a trial balance and then write comments to cover their absence? They will never do my accounting and are part of the elitist cover up around AC..

          • Mike Hind says:

            Nothing in this is true. It’s nothing but partisan outright lies.

            If I’m wrong, show us some evidence of your claims. Show is that only “the 1%” benefitted.
            Show us how the tax relief was at the country’s expense.

            I understand loyalty to your party, but isn’t honesty and integrity more important?

            Don’t we, as Bermudians, deserve better than this?

          • Zevon says:

            And still this government has created zero jobs.

          • Double S says:

            Hahahaha—conspiracy theories…cover ups…damn you lot are crazy…

            Bet you are the same crew that will defend contracts like Port Royal.

            Hahaha… go check into MAWI

  10. Burch, absolute euphoria.
    Thank you P.L.P. for your sincere interest and total adherence to THE THRONE SPEECH.
    Oba or whatever they are to be called, did soooo badly.
    Burch, persevere on!
    Thank you!!