First ‘Premier’s Question Period’ Held In House

July 16, 2018

All schools will have operational Wifi when students return in September, 19 fintech companies have incorporated in Bermuda since July 2017, and there are 55 locations where lighting will be upgraded and cross walks repainted, according to Premier David Burt.

A statement from the Government said, “Bermuda’s first Premier’s Question Period started on Friday, 13 July 2018, in the House of Assembly. This new addition to the Order of Business, will take place every second Friday that the House is in session.

“According to Standing Orders, the Leader of the Opposition can ask three questions. Other Members may ask one question. Only Members who have asked a question can ask two supplemental questions.

PQP Bermuda July 2018

“During Friday’s sitting of the House, Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt, fielded questions from eight Members of Parliament on both sides of the House.

“In providing responses to questions on Education, FinTech companies and road works, to name a few, Premier Burt stated the following:

“The Ministry of Education and Workforce Development received an additional $5.3 million, the largest increase of all Ministry budgets and since last August, some 313 students have received scholarships to attend Bermuda College.

“All public schools have Wifi equipment installed. Testing is currently taking place and all schools will have operational Wifi when students return in September.

The full audio replay of the Premier’s Question Period:

Nineteen FinTech companies have incorporated in Bermuda since July 2017 and there are 24 proposed incorporations.

“On road works, there are 55 locations where lighting will be upgraded and cross walks repainted. The Premier added, there are 16 locations where cross walks will be added with warning lights, and they include Bethel AME Church, Clearwater Middle School, John Smith’s Bay, Victor Scott Primary School and outside of West Pembroke Primary School, to name a few.

The statement added that the “Premier reiterated Government’s commitment to building a better and fairer Bermuda.”

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  1. Redrose says:

    Love the way he only speaks to the soft questions posed by his backbenchers. Propaganda!

    • Redrose Exposed says:

      You just have to FAULT lol
      Well done Premier and leader of OUR GOVERNMENT, you are doing an Amazing job even though OBAers troll this site to spout HATE and JEALOUSY.

      You can fool some people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time OBA. This is why you are no longer leading this country, so long bye bye……

  2. Real Deal says:

    what a waste of questions to the PM. this could have been more productive with better questions

    • Ruling Parties Troll says:

      What a waste of a post. If you don’t have anything good to say. Say nothing.
      Oh I forgot HATERS cannot stop themselves from knee jerking once nerves are hit.
      We won, we are leading and the people spoke.
      Airport is still open even though under renovation.instead of trolling Bernews go on BA, Air Canada or any US carrier and book yourselves a ONE WAY ticket out of here to where you negativity can prosper with a larger group

  3. PLP and Premier Supporter says:

    Great job Premier, keep up the excellent work. You are well spoken, educated, moral and the man for the job!!!