RUBiS Cup Match Holiday Opening Hours

July 31, 2018

RUBiS Energy Bermuda have informed the public of the opening hours for their various locations [East to West] during the Annual Cup Match Holiday:

RUBiS Dowling’s Marine & Auto, Penno’s Drive, St. George’s

  • Both Days: 7AM – 5PM / Tel: 297-1914

RUBiS Causeway Service, Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish

  • Both Days: 8AM – 4PM / Tel: 293-0621

RUBiS Van Buren’s Marine, Flatt’s Village, Hamilton Parish

  • Both Days: 6AM – 9PM / Tel: 292-2882

RUBiS Terceira’s North Shore Service, North Shore Rd., Smith’s

  • Both Days: 9AM – 4PM / After-hours Fuel available / Tel: 292-5130

RUBiS St. John’s Road Service, St. John’s Rd. Pembroke

  • Both Days: Closed / After-hours Fuel available / 279-5090

RUBiS at the Waterfront, Hamilton Harbour, Pembroke

  • Both Days: 8AM – 5PM / After-hours Fuel available / Tel: 295-3185

RUBiS East Broadway Service, Crow Lane, Pembroke

  • Both Days: 10AM – 6PM / After-hours Fuel available / Tel: 296-7225

RUBiS Paget Service, Middle Rd, Paget

  • Both Days: 7AM – 2PM / After-hours Fuel available / Tel: 236-1691

RUBiS Warwick Gas, South Shore Rd., Warwick

  • Both Days: 6:30AM – 11PM / After-hours Fuel available / Tel: 236-4158

RUBiS Raynor’s Southampton Service, Middle Rd., Southampton

  • Both Days: 8AM – 4PM / Tel: 238-3492

RUBiS Robinson’s Marine, Somerset Bridge, Sandys

  • Both Days: 6:30AM – 9PM / 234-0709

RUBiS Boaz Island Marine Service, Boaz Island, Sandys

  • Both Days: 7AM – 7PM / 234-0128

A spokesperson said, “We would also like to wish all residents a safe and happy Cup Match holiday and remind them that all stations will be open as normal on Saturday, August 4th.”


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