Six People Arrested In Connection With Robberies

August 22, 2018

Over the past 24 hours six people have been arrested in connection with the recent spate of robberies, and the police have also recovered stolen property that they believe was taken in those robberies.

This was announced by Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley at a press conference this afternoon, with Commissioner Corbishley also noting that the investigation will progress, and they will seek to bring those responsible to justice.

This follows after a number of incidents this month, including at least five reported chain snatching incidents, an attempted bag snatching, an attempted robbery of a female visitor, and the robbery of a man outside of his job.

Video of the police press conference:

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said, “I am pleased to report to you that in the past 24 hours six, that’s six persons, have been arrested and are now in the custody of the Bermuda Police Service.

“We believe that they are involved in the robberies that I touched upon yesterday, particularly the one at Somerset Bridge and also the one at Frog Lane.

“We’ve also recovered stolen property that we believe was taken in those robberies and also a stolen motorcycle.

“The investigation will progress over the next 24 hours where we will seek the opportunity to identify and secure evidence, and where possible, bring those responsible to justice.

“I am extremely grateful to the assistance and attention of the local community and also the media for reporting on this matter. I think is a excellent example of how the police should be working, bringing together intelligence and the assets that we have and the information that members of the public can present to us.”

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  1. question says:


  2. Y-Gurl says:

    Arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced, it’s a process that we seldom see go to step 4 jury’s still out

    • Southampton says:

      Use the cane on all of them.

      • Kathy says:

        Right hands have been cut off at the wrist as punishment for theft in Sharia-controlled areas of Nigeria and in Saudi Arabia. Repeat offenders in the latter country can lose both hands, and legs are sometimes taken for other offenses.

  3. All I see is talk says:

    Give credit where credit is due! Well done.

  4. Paul says:

    I love this kind of news, well done.

  5. Well done to all invloved in getting these punks arrested. Keep up the good work.

  6. Toodle-oo says:

    A new broom sweeps clean ?
    Let’s hope that any and all guilty parties are burnt !

  7. Wish i was a Judge says:

    Lets pray the culprits are the ones and the prosecution doesn’t screw these charges up ,and the judge has the guts to give the absolute maximum with NO chance for parole in a RUSSIAN Gulag

  8. JohnBoy says:

    Let’s see who they are. Show their faces!

    • Southampton says:

      I agree with you on this.
      Humiliate all of them.

  9. Paget says:

    I would rather they all were taught the same lesson and received the same punishment as the chainsnatcher in dockyard did last year. A good old fashoin ask whopping by the victim.

  10. Oh,I see now says:

    They probably are career criminal junkies or stupid teenagers in some gang mentality, either way RETARD

  11. Real Deal says:

    6 wow

  12. Second says:

    Amen!! Great work BPS!!

  13. Just a suggestion says:

    Well done Mr Corbishley and well done to the BPS and a huge thank you to every one of you. Fully agree with Y-Gurl. Lets get them locked up for minimum 12 months.

    If they are repeat offenders longer sentance, curfew them on release. Get them paying back by cleaning roads or overgrown footpaths. They owe the tax payer now.

  14. facts of the rock says:

    St.Georges Whipping Post is available!

  15. Warwick West says:

    This is great news. Now let’s not have the DP’s office mess up the cases. Sorry guys but you have done that and folk have walked. Not this time pretty please.

  16. Big Daddy says:

    Show their names and faces so we can all see who they are. And pass a law where you can chop their stupid hands off. pass the law. bermuda needs it, these monsters roaming around need to be put in their place and learn fear. they dont fear the system or prison or police, time to change that and make them tuck their tails between their legs.

  17. Oh,I see now says:

    Paste the faces.One thing people are weary of no matter how tough they assume they are is embarrassing situations when doing A PACK.

  18. Bermy Greens says:

    Bet it’s cause their is no jobs . Previous excuses…. Let everyone who has had their chains snatched have 5min with all of them. They and their parents need a good azz whooping. Like the parents didn’t know either..