Video: Griffin, Williams & Furbert On Shelly Bay

August 6, 2018

Cheryl-Ann Griffin, Esme Williams and LaVerne Furbert sat down with Bernews recently for a live interview with journalist Don Burgess, where the trio laid out their concerns about the plans for the Shelly Bay Beach area.

Griffin, Williams and Furbert Bermuda July 31 2018

The 43-minute live video replay is below

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  1. Darnell Wynn says:

    I must admit in hearing these ladies there is great validity in their concerns. The only things that need to be done to enhance Shelley Bay is the proper building of bathroom facilities (can be done as a Bermuda style cottage) with exterior showers for the removal of sand, and possibly a green sturdy hedge around the perimeter. Maintain the play equipment regularly for safety and ensure the beach is cleaned daily including the supply and emptying of garbage bins. Metal containers and security fencing no matter how prepared is a down grade to this particular beach. Some assets we have like Shelley Bay, only need the Governments efficient attention as noted above.

    • PBanks says:

      Major problem is, that Steinhoff’s proposal could have solved the restroom situation right there and then. Steinhoff’s people could have been responsible for maintenance of the restrooms. Now it’s going to be another expense of W&E

    • Do it says:

      Why don’t we put a casino there? Problem solved!

  2. neednewname says:

    ALL d OLDER generation…say alot!

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Darnell, all your demands of Government come with a price tag and yet you do not want Shelly Bay to raise revenue to pay for the ‘Bermuda style cottage bathrooms’ and showers to remove the sand and a sturdy hedge! Maintenance also costs money and Government is broke.
    How about the residents volunteer to provide all the maintenance of the beach (including daily cleaning) and playground and then may be you’ll have a realistic argument.

    • wondering says:

      Well said. Why is it always just for Govt to pay for servicing the beach (in this instance) rather than create a revenue maker (sorry but Ashley’s lemonade doesn’t appear to be that high of a revenue maker but they sure taste well) hopefully the combination of vendors will generate enough monies specifically for maintenance – a 1 for 1 swop

    • Darnell Wynn says:

      Cow Polly your suggestions are good as well. Maybe the residents can determine ways to raise money. I know it will be a challenge for the government to assist but maybe a compromise with residents and Government both putting skin in the game may get solutions.

  4. PBanks says:

    Nobody’s forced to patronize these concessions, so what’s this nonsense about having the containers selling ribs and stuff forcing people to buy them? Do these women really believe that they’re going to be prohibited from taking their picnic lunches?

    Yes there are lessons to be learned from say Tobacco (and to a lesser extent Horseshoe) with regard to selling chairs and umbrellas and taking up a large swath of the actual beach area. But that’s a separate issue from the containers selling food items.

  5. BermudaRat says:

    Praise to those who are standing up to protect the beaches. Praise for those insisting on no alcohol. Remember many Bermudians fought court cases in the 80′s and 90′s trying to keep Horseshoe Bay alcohol free. It was the one beach at that time where lifeguards were positioned so families felt their teenagers could go in relative safety. A law was passed at the time “No alcohol to be sold on public beaches”. So what has happened to that law? Horseshoe Bay got an alcohol license and Horseshoe Bay is pretty well ruined.
    Well done to the Shelly Bay activists. Fight on! You are not alone.

  6. Aaron says:

    …Laverne Furbert…that says alot

  7. inna says:

    Those ladies sound like a bunch of children!! Whine, whine, whine!!

  8. wondering says:

    yes a ‘pic-nic’ culture!! i am so amazed that we don’t even know the origin of the past-time of having an outdoor feast!

    The bussed in visitors will not affect the so-called picnic area as we tend to stay in the shade on the park benches (from a person who frequents this beach)

    John Smiths DOES NOT HAVE chairs – this is full of half truths!!

    i do agree that Horsheshoe is definitely a tourist trap now – it is absolutely great for tourism.

    a lunch wagon??? really??

    the building was there and noone cared

    a certain “QUOTE” person wanted to get the beach going and then all this hooplah occured. had it been a certain “OTHER” person or group of persons, there would be NO STORY

    a bag of hot air mostly, sorry ladies but you really don’t have any concrete facts, mainly anecdotal and heresay.

    disgusted with the narrowminded basis of your argument and 75% of the content.

    • Do it says:

      Hey I have the solution! Just put in bathrooms with some fish chowder, chips and soda vending machines like they have at “rest stops” in the USA! That way no need for concessions at all and problem solved!

    • Laughter out Loud says:

      And we all wonder why Bermuda is another world.

      we should have designated “go zones” for tourists and not allow them to change our culture and way of life.

      Oh yeah–the designated “go zones” for tourists are other tourism locations that are booming. The world has voted with their feet while we bicker on.

      Blessings abound!