Wednesday: Longbird, Swing Bridge Info Session

September 23, 2018

The Ministry of Public Works is advising that it will hold an information session to present detailed designs for the Longbird & Swing Bridges.

The public forum will take place Wednesday, September 26 at Penno’s Wharf at 6.00 p.m.

A spokesperson said, “The public will be aware that in 2017, the Government of Bermuda launched a three phase action plan developed by the Ministry:

  • “Phase I studied the location of the bridges, the topography, the volume and flow of marine and highway traffic and to provide well defined options for each of the two crossings including a Class C cost estimate.
  • “Phase II narrowed the options down to one preferred option for each bridge including a Class B cost estimate, and
  • “Phase III is to prepare detailed designs, plans and specifications that are 100% complete and ready to be issued for tender with a Class A cost estimate.

“The new bridges are designed to be unique landmark Bermuda structures which will reflect Bermuda’s unique and welcoming culture.”

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  1. VinceD says:

    Just get it done! the bridges are in deplorable states!

  2. Dunn juice says:

    Wonder why any Bermudian firms didn’t get the opportunity to design them, IJS

  3. hopefully hurricanes have been considered says:

    It would be nice to think the architects would consider hurricane impact- not sure if they did with the new airport….

    • commanderswizzle says:

      They did.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Why do you say that? Are you an expert? What makes you think they didn’t?

      • hopefully hurricanes have been considered says:

        I said “not sure” as they seemed more interested with designing stuff like a water feature into the new airport- which is unnecessary when the airport is surrounded by water views- a natural water feature!
        Remember that we already had “qualified architects” forget to design public bathrooms into the existing terminal when it was renovated and expanded- hopefully the current designers would consider possible hurricane impact.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Well, I wonder, if there was only some way you could find out?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          And where have you been all this time ? It was made very clear from the get go that the new location was chosen for its distance and elevation from the water due to potential hurricane influences.
          Furthermore , the overseer/builder stated clearly last week that the new building is resistant to XXX mph hurricane winds.
          I’d be more concerned about one of the two new bridges that are in the news today if I were you .

        • question says:

          So we get this straight, you really think that architects designing bridges in Bermuda might have forgotten to design them so they are resistant to hurricanes. This is what you really think.

      • commanderswizzle says:

        Yes. The new bridges have been designed with consideration to hurricane impact.

    • Real Deal says:

      “volume and flow of marine and highway traffic” i hope they are all so looking at the old marine traffic they used to use it when it worked as well as the potential new marine traffic. we must not limit our self with the new one

  4. facts of the rock says:

    looks like a bridge too far for the plp.

  5. LaV says:

    “The new bridges are designed to be unique landmark Bermuda structures which will reflect Bermuda’s unique and welcoming culture.”

    LOL, we’re getting racist and homophobic bridges!

  6. puzzled says:

    Just fill em in with concrete.

    Easy fix.
    Sheet; we bean going around all these years.
    Greedy onions. Soiled and boiled.

  7. Justasuggestion says:

    Dunn Juice, I agree with you. Sadly there are no Companies on Island to design such project. Yes there are engineering firms but personell within are not at this level. I know of 2 Bermudians. 1 with masters in engineering the other almost at the same level. Sadly they can not find employment in their home country at their level. I guess it could be something to do with all major projects being outsourced thus no real demand here or major engineering companies here
    Aecon seem to be trying to change that from what I read locally. I do agree it would be great to see a local firm spearhead projects like this.

  8. what? says:

    Bermuda unique and welcoming culture…we need one doze rubust discussions on it too…
    How about practicality ,cost effective…hydro electric gerators combined with solar and led to light above and below it…some nice port and starbord on each side.
    And a warning beacon for that sand bar?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Unique for sure, welcoming not so much! It’s probably the most oft told lie perpetrated on a people by itself, reinforced and repeated endlessly until we believe it.

      And it’s complete bollocks.

    • LaV says:

      “hydro electric gerators”

      We should build a dam? Where?

  9. what? says:


  10. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Finally this is happening. Please can you build both the bridges tall enough or with a swing so that boats can go through? So important for our tourism product. Also can you please build a dock at the new airport? No better way to pick up a tourist arriving in Bermuda and take them straight to their hotel by boat.

    • Real Deal says:

      I 100000% agree we need to make sure this get out there anything else would be a waste and short sighted

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lots of fancy talk for 2 bridges long overdue for replacement but how about this question, where is the money coming from? If we did not have that $600,000 per day cost to service the PLP created debt we could pay for these bridges out of pocket. They are not like an air terminal that earns money through user fees.

  12. Frank says:

    What about the causeway and the other 2 temp briges

  13. Stinky D. says:

    SwingBridge will probably fall in the ocean soon
    Let’s hope no one gets hurt

  14. Gustav says:

    eager to see , who will win the building contracts ………..