TEDS Temporary Closure Effective Sept 24

September 21, 2018

The Eliza Dolittle Society [TEDS] is slated for a temporary closure effective September 24th, and is set to reopen on November 13th.

The Warwick based food bank has provided 43,000 meals in 2017 through its food bank operations alone.

Jennifer Mahoney, Executive Director of The Eliza DoLittle Society explains, “We understand the impact that this will have on the local community and have made every effort to ensure that those in need of our services are aware of other options available to them while we are closed.

“Our communication channels will be monitored and contact information is on our social media sites. We will continue to collect and receive non-perishable donations while closed, to ensure adequate stock is on hand to serve the community when we reopen.”

Mrs. Mahoney continued, “The unavoidable closure is as a result of concurrent staff medical leave. Both the Board and I felt it was prudent to reach out to other third sector partners to try and secure some level of support for our clients during the temporary closure. We value each client and are truly empathic to the challenges they face daily.”

“The Board and staff at The Eliza Dolittle Society wish to thank everyone for their cooperation during this closure. We look forward to reopening and serving the needs of our clients.”

Other programmes offered by The Eliza DoLittle Society such as the HSBC Adopt-a-Senior programme and Student Lunches will not be impacted by the temporary closure. The Food Bank is slated to reopen on Tuesday, November 13th at 10 am.

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  1. Curious says:

    This is an interesting story for a number of reasons and raises questions about transparency, governance, critical mass and collaboration in our community.

    How small is TEDS that these staff medical issues require closing? Why not hire temporary staff?

    Who are the board members that made this decision and where are the financial statements and the strategic plan for TEDS published?

    What programmes and services have ceased and who is picking up the slack? In other words if I am a client where are you sending me while you are closed?

    What are the specific service options offered to clients while closed?

    How is food security and food distribution managed in Bermuda for those requiring help?

    How do Meals on Wheels, TEDS, Salvation Army, The Coalition for the Protection of Children and other food programmes work together or possibly compete against each other in their attempt to help our most vulnerable?

    How does Financial Aid, Family Services and other Government departments coordinate or work with these clients in need and the multitude of services above?

    • Kendaree Burgess says:

      Hello @curious I would be happy to speak to you regarding your email. I am the Board Chair of TEDS. Feel free to contact me on my email address Kburgess@mangrove.bm. regards, Kendaree Burgess