Ascendant Summer Student Programme

January 10, 2019

Ascendant Group Limited is inviting college and university students to apply for internships in its Summer Student Programme.

As the parent company for BELCO, AIRCARE, iFM, and iEPC, Ascendant is able to offer the selected students a variety of experiences throughout the Group.

Ascendant’s Interim VP of Human Resources, LaKeitha Cunningham, stated, “We make a concerted effort to place students in the departments that are most closely related to what they are studying in school.

“Last year, we had fifteen students spread throughout Ascendant’s HR, finance, and IT departments; BELCO’s power generation, engineering, Occupational Health Safety and Environment, and transport departments; and AIRCARE’s HVAC technician team.”

While any college or university student may apply for the programme, first preference is given to returning students and recipients of BELCO scholarships and awards.

“We do have a number of students who return to us year after year,” continued Mrs. Cunningham. “The experience that they gain here is difficult to find anywhere else in Bermuda, especially for those students pursuing careers in engineering and power generation.”

In addition to returning for summer employment, some students eventually become full-time employees after graduation.

Israel Sanchez, who is currently employed at BELCO as a Mechanical Engineer-in-Training, said of his experience, “Being a summer student at different Ascendant companies [iEPC, iFM and BELCO] was a great introduction to my field and the people I work with to this day. This was really important in my decision to work at BELCO.”

Mrs. Cunningham stated, “We discuss expectations and career goals with each of the students. Every student is formally evaluated by a direct manager at the end of the programme. Of course, we hope to retain top talent and we have had several students graduate and come back to work at Ascendant or one of our subsidiaries.”

Applications for the Ascendant Summer Student Programme are available online here. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2019.

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  1. Really says:

    This company is really confused. Are you trying to hire and retain Bermudian talent at the same time you are downsizing with executive restructuring, early retirements and rumours of more redundancies. Who wants their young son or daughter in that environment of uncertainty. Kinda crazy …..aye?

  2. LaV says:

    I’ll assume you don’t work, and never have,
    Typical plp drone. You don’t wan’t a job, can’t do any job, and now your whining about other people getting an opportunity.
    Pathetic loser you are. STFU.