January 2019: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

January 31, 2019

Providing our readers with a look at Bermuda’s natural beauty each morning, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletters, on social media, and in our app every day.

Always popular, January’s top photos attracted tens of thousands of reactions on social media, and judging by the number of reader’s “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included the beautiful Bermuda Water, St. Georges, Flatts, Horseshoe and more.

Photo of day collage jan 2019 wm1

Our “Photo of the Day” series is available in our app, our Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page, and Tumblr page, as well our morning and evening daily newsletters, which you can sign up for here.

1] Bermuda Water

388 Bermuda Water Bermuda Generic Jan 2019

2] St. Georges

215 St George's Generic Jan 2019

3] Flatts

210 Flatts Generic Jan 2019

4] Horseshoe

200 Horseshoe Generic Jan 2019

5] Hamilton

193 Hamilton Generic Jan 2019

6] Bermuda sea

163 Bermuda sea Generic Jan 2019

7] Golden Morning

154 Golden Morning Generic Jan 2019

8] Coral Beach Club

149 Coral Beach Club Generic Jan 2019

9] Palm tree leaves

120 Palm tree leaves Generic Jan 2019

10] East End

112 East End Generic Jan 2019

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