PRIDE Marijuana Documentary Screening Held

January 28, 2019

Pride Bermuda, in partnership with the Bermuda Coalition, saw over 100 people attend the screening of its inaugural documentary entitled “Marijuana: It’s Complicated, Our Problem, Our Solution” earlier this month at BUEI.

PRIDE Bermuda initiated the making of the documentary with an aim to “take an unbiased look at the complexity of marijuana use in Bermuda from a social, legal and medical perspective.”

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” said Interim Executive Director of PRIDE Truell Landy. “Many people are concerned about the impact of marijuana use from all perspectives.”


The panelists were engaged throughout the entire session to address parent concerns about their children and how to best advise them.

Many people were focused on understanding the medical benefits of the ‘cannabis plant’ and the legal consequences of all forms of use under the new laws.

“The community is definitely ready to engage in open discussion and we are happy to provide the opportunity for open dialogue on this crucial topic” states Ms. Landy.

“We plan to make the documentary available throughout the year to provide opportunities for community discussion on this very complex topic.”


“PRIDE and its prevention partner, The Bermuda Coalition, is raising community awareness about the complexity of marijuana use from a social, legal and medical perspective,” the organisation said.

“While decriminalization removed the criminal offenses for possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is still illegal to smoke it in public and private places. Although doctors have been given the consent to prescribe medical marijuana, Bermuda is only allowed to legally import one gram of marijuana for medical purposes per year.

“Persons, who suffered social injustices under former policies, will soon be granted first dibs on licenses to cultivate medical marijuana in Bermuda. So, in the midst of all of the complexity, how will our children and adolescents be impacted? Will their perception of harm diminish and use increase? What are the potential risks associated with adolescent use?

Trailer for ‘Marijuana: It’s Complicated, Our Problem, Our Solution’ 

For more information about hosting a screening and discussion of the Marijuana Documentary, call PRIDE Bermuda on 295-9970 or 703-8129 or email

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  1. It’s simple.Licence it’s use , propigation , tax it.
    Past that…the potential risks of adolescent use are the same as they have been for decades / centuries.

    Only now…through licencing you will have control through reenforced behaviour
    Licence should be stipulative of requirements and can be revoked temporarily or permanently.
    Which is more than you have now!