‘A Piece Of The Rock’ Townhall Discussion

November 20, 2017

A Piece of the Rock would like to invite families affected by road crashes and concerned residents who want to help make Bermuda roads safer to attend a Town Hall Discussion on Tuesday [Nov 21] from 6.00pm to 8.00pm at Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service Hall on King Street in Hamilton.

A spokesperson said, “A Piece of the Rock would like to invite families affected by Road crashes and concerned residents who want to help in making Bermuda roads safer.

“Over the past 7 years alone, over 13,000 people have been involved in road crashes. Over 10% of these road crashes result in severe life threatening injuries where families are left to take care of loved ones for many years to come and in some cases for life. In addition there have been 100 road fatalities during this period with 14 people having died this year alone.

“There are literally thousands of affected families who are suffering with no active support network to help them. A Piece of the Rock, a group of activists who produced a road safety documentary earlier this year and started a road safety campaign on creating broad awareness on this issue, would like to help these families in getting connected with each other and form an active support group.

“The town hall style discussion is also an opportunity for concerned residents to dialogue with a panel of road safety experts and members of the Road Safety Council, CADA, first responders from Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, Bermuda Hospital, and Bermuda Police Service.

“The purpose of this meeting is to continue the momentum generated from the road safety documentary and ongoing campaign, emphasizing the need for urgent legislative change and enforcement needed to make Bermuda road safer and prevent more families from suffering. An RSVP by email or Facebook invite is required to attend the event.”

A Piece of the Rock Bermuda Nov 2017

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  1. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Piece of the Rock, I applaud you for the documentary but that’s about it. You, along with CADA have come up with ZERO solutions to cut down the bike accidents. I am tired of hearing you are going to put more police presence on the road and road side breathalyzers. Can you come up with alternative ways for people to get home after having a few drinks? The taxi’s never show up, they are super expensive and many times do not take customers to certain parts of the island. Tired of your awareness campaigns and no solutions, sort yourself out. We need solutions to the problem.

    • sage says:

      What happened to personal responsibility? The legal-drug dealing bars who make money off you unrepentant alcoholics are next in line, yet shoulder zero responsibility for you after they ply you with liquor all night knowing full wellyou are most likely riding/driving home. You sound like the one who needs to ‘sort yourself out’ you drunken irresponsible bum. I wouldn’t allow drunks in my cab (if I had one) to vomit, urinate in because you have no self control, a trash truck would be more fitting. Anyone leaving an establishment blowing over 0.8 should get tossed in a drunk tank overnight, then fined to cover the costs. You are a mess who is the problem and also offer no solutions, stop drinking you buffoon. http://www.aa.bm.

      • ConcernedBermudian says:

        Are you serious @sage? This is exactly the mentality we do NOT need in Bermuda. Many people that have 3 or 4 glasses of wine or pints out with friends for dinner need ways to get home. Imagine your vision that having this many drinks you won’t pick them up in a cab. How stupid is that. This is exactly what we need to fix, solutions for persons that have a few drinks or many to be able to get home. This is the reason why there are so many drunk driving accidents, because no alternatives.

        • sage says:

          Ask your doctor to test you for Wernickes Encephalopathy your comments are very telling.

  2. Manish Thareja says:

    Hi ConcernedBermudian,

    Thank you for the comment. The documentary’s purpose is to highlight the widespread epidemic of road crashes in Bermuda, the causes for this epidemic and the solutions. These solutions are not just unique to Bermuda and have been implemented in other places/countries to make Bermuda roads safer. We researched for six months even before we started the documentary to understand the core issues that are causing this problem, which affects thousands of families to suffer, so we didn’t just come up with out of the blue. Its also the experts opinion. As to your frustration in seeing changes, I completely understand your sentiment, however please know that unless there is a cultural change and people change their habits and the Government passes legislation and enforces it properly, this story will continue to play. The solutions presented in the documentary are the solutions needed to make Bermuda roads safer. Unless they are not implemented, this situation will not change. If you are frustrated, you should speak to the Minister for Transport and ask him why they are not being implemented?

    • ConcernedBermudian says:

      Manish Thareja, thank you for your response. I’m not sure what you mean by government to pass legislation, I hope you do not mean to enforce more police to arrest people. This is NOT the solution. You/CADA should be talking with taxi companies. They are a big big issue in this. Taxi’s in other countries are much easier to get a hold of and much cheaper. Why is it that our taxi’s in Bermuda are SO expensive, maybe because they are so darn big, but thats another issue? Why is it that they take SO long to get to a passenger to pick them up and why are they not reliable? If taxi drivers are worried about passengers being sick in their vehicle make them pay a clean up fee, its not rocket science. If the taxi’s aren’t reliable get a Bermuda UBER started. What about night time bus routes, mini buses or ferries. Let’s think about this from the moment a person gets a drink in a bar. What options do they have to get home? Taxi, friend or drive. And if the first two aren’t there then what?

      • sage says:

        They blamed taxis for Rebecca Middletons murder, no blame for the bar that served the underaged girl liquor. Try walking Confused bermudian.

  3. Libby Cook-Toppan says:

    Sadly I will not be back on the island in time for this but as a survivor of a serious RTA I have long thought of a solution that I think could be very effective. Drivers should have cameras installed in their cars so that serious infractions can be uploaded and reported. I think there would be a reduction in dangerous driving if people thought their actions were being recorded. To avoid the legalities of filming people without notification the program could be called Road Stars and cars could have bright yellow star shaped stickers signifying onboard cameras. An advertising csmpaign would be required to build awareness of the program but I really think it could be effective.

  4. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Only if people would stop buying fancy cars and taking extravigant vacations and living like there is no tomorrow.

    The wealthy dont live that way, they invest their money.

    B.H.C. built hundreds of houses, oh ! and no body said thank you .

    The water front Grand Atlantic not good enough ! dont make me weep !

    Go to Florida live in a trailer or a container with a garden hose for a shower and just may be that second job in a hotel may work.

    Some go out to play and some go out to work.

    Still living home with mummy ?



    All it takes is sacrifice ,and that is to much to ask?

    no comments !