Police Meet With Liquor Licenced Establishments

February 8, 2019

The police held an “informational session” with Liquor Licensed Establishments yesterday, saying that “critical conversations were had around the obligations licensees had.”

Police have recently started to exert their powers under the Liquor Licence Act to order premises to temporarily close down as a result of an altercation on the premises, with both Southampton Rangers and Docksiders ordered to be closed for 24 hours following incidents over the past few weeks.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] held an informational session with Liquor License Establishments [LLEs] yesterday, Thursday 7th of February 2019 at the Police Recreation Club Hall in Prospect Devonshire.

“This meeting was to discuss the Liquor Licence Legislation and police expectations of licenced premises based on that legislation. It was also a good opportunity to establish and continue to promote a working partnership with the police. Licensees had the occasion to put forth questions or concerns they had in relation to the closing down of their business.

“The meeting was well attended with over 40 persons on hand representing establishments in the central parishes. Representing the police was Superintendent James Howard, Sergeant Andrew Exell [the BPS Liquor Licensing Officer] and facilitator Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell.

“Time was taken to explain section 51A of the Liquor Licence Act, the specific authority that the police have to close down premises and how that authority is exercised. Critical conversations were had around the obligations licensees had in relation to the Act. Police also touched on the topics of drug use and underage drinking on liquor licenced premises.”

Superintendent Howard stated: “Thursday’s meeting was a great opportunity for the police to meet with the liquor licenced establishment owners and to set the tone for what the BPS expects based on the legislation. Just as important was an opportunity to establish a holistic working relationship with the establishment owners.

“It is very clear that the LLEs are committed to making their environments safe and compliant with the legislation. There was a lot of positive energy in the room and the mood of the LLEs was very reassuring as many persons came with an open mind.

“They are very much aware that my focus is on those few persons who chose to promote anti-social behavior and where there is a high risk of threat or harm to other persons within the community or within their establishments.

“It was stated by one of the person in the room that they support the initiative and that they are ‘In It To Win It!’ We acknowledged that there is still work to be done on both sides and I look forward to a healthy working relationship where ultimately the community is the beneficiary.”

“The police will be conducting meeting in the Eastern and Western Ends of the island in coming weeks and we look forward to communicating with the stakeholders in those environments.

“For any comments or questions surrounding Liquor Licence Premises please do not hesitate in contacting the Liquor Licensing Officer on Sgt Andrew Exell on 247-1146 or email on Aexell@bps.bm.”

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  1. Half hot says:

    What alsonshould be looked into is do we need so many liquor stores so close within each other. Serpintine road, thers 3 within about 200 ft, front street there more then 3 or 4 within 500 odd feet.
    Always an excuse to get hot.

    • Capt Morgan says:

      go away, how much, or many incidents take place at these establishments, better check on churches as well. The horse has bolted so close the barn door now????

  2. Justasuggestion says:

    Hopefully the re-introduction of parish police allows random walk arounds of bars and such. I must be getting older or the youngsters aging double quick. Random checks and massive fines for violators. Also stop n search. The only people who object are the people hiding. Keep up your strenuous task BPS

    • sage says:

      Would be far cheaper and more effective to prohibit alcohol completely, it is at the root of too much negativity.

  3. Just Do It says:

    There should be legislation drafted that allow Police and The Liquor Licence Authority to shut these places down until all persons causing problems(especially gang members), are sent registered letters to stay away from these premises. They and security know exactly who these guys are. From fights at Front Street establishments and South Shore Establishments as well as eastern Establishments, they should already be banned from quite a few places. Same people every damn weekend.