Jai-Onni Outerbridge Awarded $5,000 Scholarship

April 5, 2019

Young Men’s Social Club [YMSC] is helping to advance the culinary aspirations of Jai-Onni Outerbridge by awarding him a $5,000 scholarship.

“Mr Jai-Onni Outerbridge, age 22, has been a member of Social Club for most of his formative years. He has grown from player to becoming a C-Level youth coach and 2017/18 Premier Division Goalkeeper,” said Club Vice President Troy Lewis.

“His love of sports saw him grow to become a respected member of the team, however, his passion was always food. Jai-Onni found a home working in the Club’s kitchen; he did what came naturally, following in his great-grandmother’s footsteps of preparing and serving food to the community.”

After graduating from The Berkeley Institute as a four-year Honour Roll student, he formally pursued his culinary interest, thanks to the generous support of the law firm Appleby, by enrolling into the Bermuda College.

While at the college, Mr Outerbridge received recognition on the Vice President’s List as an Outstanding Culinary Arts Student; he finished his three years of studies by graduating with an Associates in Culinary Arts. Mr Outerbridge also holds a Level 1 cricket coaching licence.

Jai-Onni Outerbridge Bermuda April 2019

Mr Outerbridge is the first recipient of the Louise Jones Scholarship, with YMSC granting him $5,000 toward his international studies, noting that he is an “outstanding representative of Social Club and presents truly aspirational goals in the culinary field.”

Mr Lewis stated, “The scholarship is named in Ms Jones honour because she was very instrumental in fundraising for the youth program and started the Young Men’s Social Club codfish breakfast programme.”

The programme has been serving breakfasts every Sunday for the last ten years from the Social Club’s Princess/Angle Street headquarters.

Mr Lewis continued, “Ms Jones dedication and commitment exemplifies the true value of community service — her ideas and efforts helped make it possible for us to give a scholarship.

“The proceeds of codfish breakfasts sales along with other fundraising initiatives and corporate support from the Colonial Group fund the scholarship programme. It is meaningful that Ms Jones food programme contributes to a future culinary master.”

Mr Outerbridge accepted the award and said, “Thank you to Social Club as well as Colonial; it is a great help for my education and allows me to stay more focused in school. It also will help take the pressure off my parents as well.”

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain, Louise Jones and Jai-Onni Outerbridge

Minister Rabain, Jones and Outerbridge Bermuda April 2019

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain said, “I thank Young Men’s Social Club for making this opportunity available for this young man. There is nothing better than watching a young man fulfill his potential. We need more grassroots programmes like this that take youngsters and help nurture and develop them.”

Minister Rabain offered Mr Outerbridge words of encouragement, “Don’t let your success depend on others and continue to drive forward and great things will happen for you.”

Newly elected Young Men’s Social Club president, Senator Vance Campbell, stated, “Social Club has over a ninety-year tradition of helping its members, giving back to the community and advancing future generations.

“Ms Jones and Mr Outerbridge are fine examples of the Club’s values put into action. Ms Jones, we thank you for your steadfast contribution; and Mr Outerbridge, we encourage you as you continue your international studies.”

Mr Outerbridge is currently attending Abertay University in Scotland where he is studying to earn his Bachelors in Food and Consumer Science.

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