Bermuda Athletes Continue In El Salvador

July 29, 2019

Bermuda athletes continued competing in the NACAC Age Under 13 [11&12] & Under 15 [13&14] Championships in El Salvador.

This competition is similar to a Pentathlon and Decathlon with the athletes gaining points for each event and the athlete with the most points winning the event.

The athletes in the Under 13 Age Group Girls compete in 60m, High Jump, Ball Throw, Long Jump and 800m. The Under 13 Boys compete in 60m, High Jump, Ball Throw, Long Jump and 1000m.

Under 13 Pentathlon

Ellise Dickinson picked up 480 points after finishing 3rd in the Long Jump with a top leap of 4.31m, while Kemauri Darrell finished 9th with a leap of 3.96m to earn 410 points.

Daylen Scott finished 8th in the Long Jump with a top leap of 4.41m to pick up 500 points, while Nayan Grant earned 496 points after finishing 10th with a top leap of 4.39m.

Dickinson clocked 2:37.50 on her way to finishing 3rd during the 800 meters to earn 490 points, while Darrell finished 6th with a time of 2:44.59 to pick up 431 points.

Grant finished 3rd during the 1,000 meters clocking a time of 3:14.04 to earn 588 points, while Scott finished 19th with a time of 3:42.37 to gain 406 points.

Under 15 Heptathlon

I’Aura Golding finished 11th overall in the 60 meter Hurdles with a time of 9.94 earning 617 points, Katherine Bean-Rosario picked up 365 points after she finished 27th clocking 12.10.

During the 80 meter Hurdles Chance Eve finished 21st clocking 12.91 to pick up 597 points, while Malachi Henry finished 23rd with a time of 13.33 for his 553 points.

Bean-Rosario earned 522 points finishing 3rd in the Ball Throw with a top toss of 47.64m, while Golding had a toss of 30.37 to finish 16th and picked up 344 points.

Eve leaped a height of 1.50m during the high Jump to finish 8th and earn 623 points, while Henry finished 9th with a leap of 1.50m as well and also earned 623 points.

Golding finished High Jump in 7th place with a top leap of 1.40m picking up 541 points, unfortunately Bean-Rosario did not pick up a point as she did not record a jump.

Eve finished 10th during the Ball Throw with a top toss of 52.87m earning 567 points, while Henry finished 16th with a toss of 45.00m to earn 499 points.

Bean-Rosario clocked the 3rd fastest time of 3:23.04 during the 1,000 meters to earn 524 points, while Golding finish 13th with a time of 3:50.43 picking up 362 points.

During the 1,200 meters Henry finished 9th with a time of 4:05.73 to earn 444 points and Eve finished 16th with a time of 4:17.31 earning 379 points.

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