Dill And Johnstone Complete Aecon Internship

July 16, 2019

Jamar Dill and Zeeko Johnstone have successfully completed their six-month internship with the Airport Redevelopment Project Internship Programme. They are both employed with the Ministry of Public Works.

A spokesperson said, “Aecon and the Government of Bermuda – Ministry of Public Works are pleased to announce the completion of the second Airport Redevelopment Project Internship Programme.

“Bermudians Jamar Dill and Zeeko Johnstone successfully completed their six-month internship. They both are employed with the Ministry of Public Works and interned with Aecon, employer partners and technical team members in Toronto.

“Jamar worked with Mulvey & Banani International Ltd while Zeeko interned with H.H. Angus Associates. They were fully integrated into various design/engineering teams with their host firms and worked on a variety of projects related to their fields of expertise.

From left to right: Aecon’s Don Brophy, Zeeko Johnston, Jamar Dill and Ministry of Works Permanent Secretary Randy Rochester

Aecon’s Internship Programme Bermuda July 2019

“In addition, the interns participated in a series of dynamic training courses offered through Aecon University. They were assigned a mentor who helped them create an individual development plan to ensure that they maximised the opportunity this programme will afford.

“The objectives of the internship programme were:

  • Building leadership skills
  • Technical skills development
  • Expanding industry knowledge
  • Building a professional network
  • Experiencing Canadian culture

“The Bermuda Internship Program Team consisted of Executive Program Sponsor Frank Ross; SVP of Human Resources and Program Director Gordana Terkalas; Human Resources Business Partner and Program Lead Val Deline; Immigration and Mobility Manager, Lisa Reich.

“The redevelopment of L.F. Wade International Airport, which was recently recognised with the IJ Global Magazine Award for the ‘2017 North America Airport Deal of the Year’, is expected to be completed in 2020.”

Aecon’s Executive Advisor Frank Ross said, “Jamar and Zeeko have spent the last six months working with top companies in Canada and shadowing the best in the industry.

“I have no doubt they will take the skills they have learned here and apply them to their everyday work in the Ministry of Public Works. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch also said, “The Ministry of Public Works is committed to the education and training of our young people and this internship programme is a great example of that commitment.

“Jamar and Zeeko will come back to Bermuda more knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields. This wouldn’t have been possible without Aecon, H.H. Angus & Associates Ltd. and Mulvey & Banani International Inc. and on behalf of the Government, thank you.”

Jamar Dill said, “The Bermuda Airport Internship Programme was a complete success. Over the past six months, I have gained invaluable work experience through complex project exposure at Mulvey & Banani International and while attending informative training events at Aecon headquarters.

“Collectively, the programme increased my engineering knowledge and equipped me with new design skills that I look forward to utilizing and implementing here in Bermuda. I would like to thank the Ministry of Public Works, Aecon and Skyport for this priceless opportunity.”

Zeeko Johnstone added, “I would also like to thank Skyport, Aecon, H.H. Angus, and the Government of Bermuda for giving me this amazing opportunity. I gained so much knowledge of new cutting-edge software and designs in the field. It was a fantastic experience for my personal and professional development.”

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  1. Richard A says:

    But wasn’t the airport a bad idea?

    • What says:

      Yes it was! 30 years of income gone up in smoke for an airport that is far too large and complex for what Bermuda needs! Just look at Hawaii and what they have!

  2. BB says:

    But, the old airport doesn’t meet international security requirements. You have until 2021 to comply. You could be banned from travelling to the US…how will you shop in Atlanta if that happens?