Digicel Working To Restore Impacted Sites

September 21, 2019

Digicel teams are working around the clock to restore any of the impacted sites to get them back up and operational.

A spokesperson said, “At Digicel our customer experience and keeping our Network up and running is our core focus; our teams are working around the clock to restore any of the impacted sites to get them back up and operational.  Humberto threw a significant challenge to our Network and infrastructure despite the impact of torrential rains and extreme winds.

“We are aware of some issues in isolated areas and are working to address them in the shortest possible time and have already made significant progress. Even with substantial power outages, roadblocks and other weather-related accessibility challenges on the ground, our technical teams have been working hard to ensure that all of our valued customers are able to access the Digicel network.

“During the storm we managed to maintain 100% of our core network availability, while 21% Mobile Network was impacted with some level of degradation, but Island wide network coverage remained at 91%. Digicel’s Home & Entertainment services remained online for customers who managed to retain power. And the Copper Access network had a 14.1% affected rate due to power outages.

“We also have recruited additional resources to ensure that we can secure additional resources to get the Network back in the shortest possible time and secure the network ready for Jerry.

“As your Network, we wanted to share insights from our team as to how you stayed connected during the storm; these stats were pulled during, Sept 19th – Sept 20th between 17:00 – 07:00 the same time compared with the same time previous week.

“How Bermuda stayed connected;


  • Whatsapp usage increased by 614%
  • Facebook increased by  373%
  • Netflix viewership increased by 292%
  • Youtube increased by  157%
  • Internet General browsing increased by 218%

Home & Entertainment  

  • ESPN – 1840 Hours Watched
  • NBC – 1711 Hours Watched
  • CNN – 1440 Hours Watched
  • AXN – 1151 Hour Watched

“During this time, Digicel is committed to assisting Bermuda in its recovery and is proactively engaged with the Bermuda Government to support their efforts as they continue to assist communities in the wake of Hurricane Humberto. For any customers who are still affected by an outage, please rest assured our teams are working around the clock to get you back up and running.

“Digicel wishes for all Bermudians a peaceful and safe recovery, as well as urge everyone to be sure that they’re adequately prepared as we await Hurricane Jerry’s arrival.”

You can view our live updates on Hurricane Humberto here, and all our coverage of Hurricane Humberto here.

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