Outstanding Warrants: Check Before Travel

September 3, 2019

Saying they are aware of situations where people attempting to travel have been arrested on “outstanding court matters” at the airport, the police are urging people who intend to travel that may be worried about an outstanding warrant to attend the Hamilton Police Station at least 48 hours before their date of travel.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] is aware of situations where persons have been arrested on outstanding court matters at L. F. Wade International Airport causing significant disruption to, or even prevention of, their travel plans.

“Any persons intending to travel who may be worried about an outstanding warrant against them are advised to attend Hamilton Police Station at least 48 hours before their date of travel at a time between 8am and 9am Monday to Friday to ensure any court matters are properly finalised in a timely fashion.

“Warrants are instructions issued by the court to the police to apprehend persons for various reasons – including those who have failed to respond to outstanding ticket summons, reconcile outstanding fines or just failed to attend court – and the BPS advise people to proactively resolve these matters ahead of any travel plans.”

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  1. Looking says:

    No way

  2. frank says:

    the same should be done for employers who owe government money

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Be aware. Warrants are also issued because the court system is inefficient and has not recorded a proper attendance and payment of a penalty even though you have complied with the law.

  4. Ants says:

    Here’s the thing warrants are issued by the courts the courts then hand the warrants to the police who are supposed to apprehend the person who the warrant is issued to so someone ain’t doing the job that they are being paid to do why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily go to the police station to ask if there is a warrant for arrest and find out yes we in fact have a warrant for your arrest thanks for showing up lets put you in a holding cell. Till you can appear before the judge.

  5. Oh, i see now says:

    i would hate to see my tenant sitting next to me on a plane if they owe me money after court for being in arrears with the rent.

  6. puma says:

    Do you know how bad that sounds?
    In fact…it implies…a vast negligence on perceivably our part…

    But that would be contemptuous…

  7. sage says:

    If you are foreign exec who stole large amounts, you will waltz straight through, no problem.

  8. Not serious says:

    What about Government that owe the people money.