BEDC Helps Entrepreneurs Find Balance

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On Wednesday, October 16th the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] hosted a seminar to help entrepreneurs learn techniques for developing a balanced work and home life.

The seminar, held at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, saw approximately 30 attendees made up of business owners, new entrepreneurs, and others, who listened, learned and shared, not only with an experienced group of panelists, but also with their peers in the intimate and welcoming discussion group that BEDC was able to facilitate.

Erica Smith, Kallie Marcus, Preston Ephraim, Pamela Baritt Nolan, Duane Lowe, Tania Kowalski, Maxim Alkon

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Eager to provide attendees with an opportunity and safe space to share their experiences, the Balancing Act seminar was formatted as a supportive discussion group guided by panelists, Preston Ephraim, Founder of Om Juicery, Tania Kowalski, Health & Happiness Coach, Pamela Baritt Nolan, CEO of Transform Bermuda, Duane Lowe, Owner of Lowe’s Towing, Maxim Alkon from the Association of Diagnostic & Psychological Services and Kallie Marcus, Owner of Kinetix Yoga Studio.

Moderator and BEDC MSME Officer, Donte Hunt introduced the panelists who then shared their experiences. In an open circle discussion, panelists then welcomed attendees to share their challenges with work/life balance and invited everyone to reveal what they hoped to receive from participating in the seminar. With that, an open and honest discussion took place and attendees were able to share their experiences, ask hard questions, get advice from panelists and truly connect with their peers.

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The Balancing Act seminar was designed to give entrepreneurs insight on the importance of creating work/life balance.

“We want to help entrepreneurs learn practical techniques that can be adopted into their everyday life and hear from fellow entrepreneurs that have managed to find the happy medium between running a successful business and a happy, healthy home life.” said BEDC Officer, Dennis Carter.

The attendees surveyed agreed that the seminar was very informative, and its discussion format was very powerful – with one participant suggesting holding this particular type of seminar monthly, with follow up sessions.

Reflecting on the success of the seminar, panelist Pamela Baritt Nolan said “A big thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and co-facilitate this session.

“What a privilege it was to work with BEDC and my co-presenters to share and discuss the art of balance. I hope that this was the first of many more opportunities to work together as we co-create and support a thriving entrepreneurial sector in Bermuda.”

Tania Kowalski went on to say “I’m glad that the seminar opened up so many needed conversations. It was great to be a part of it!”

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Closing the seminar, BEDC Executive Director, Erica Smith thanked the panelists for being so open,  adding that “it was a different experience and a new format for BEDC, but a great one! It was definitely needed by the attendees! I want to thank all of our panelists and those in attendance for agreeing to give of yourselves and for sharing your wisdoms.”

She also thanked the audience for their open and honest participation and continuing to provide the feedback and support that BEDC needs to move Bermuda’s local businesses forward.

The Seminar was the third in the series of BEDC quarterly seminars. The next seminar will be held on November 21st and will focus on how to identify opportunities and looking for that ‘next big thing’. For more information on this seminar and BEDC’s upcoming seminars, please contact BEDC at or visit the BEDC website at

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