Kaleidoscopic Jamboree Set For November 16

November 13, 2019

Kaleidoscope will be holding its seventh annual Jamboree Fundraiser on Saturday, November 16 from 9.30am to 1.30pm in their backyard on the corner of Parsons Road and Jubilee Road in Devonshire.

A spokesperson said, “Kaleidoscope will be bringing the 1975 eco-based classic ‘Michael Bird Boy’ to life. Michael Bird Boy, written by Tomie dePaola, is a story about a young boy who loves birds. Every day he puts on his bird suit and goes about his daily work, until one day a mysterious black cloud appears.

“But what could be causing this cloud? Michael sets off on an adventure to find out what is affecting the sky and his beloved birds. His adventure explores a number of ecological concepts such as the role of bees and emissions.”

Kaleidoscope founder and director Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts said, “The whole world is currently talking about the importance of our actions on the environment and what we can do to lessen our impact. This old story has a timely message and our Jamboree wants to empower children through this story to do what they can to help the world.”

Kaleidoscopic Jamboree Bermuda Nov 2019

“At the Kaleidoscopic Jamboree, we will be bringing the story to life in the most extravagant way possible. Children will be able to dress up, create, eat, play and learn through this hands-on, family-friendly literacy experience. At Kaleidoscope, our main objective is to empower children and we use so many different fun and creative means to get that done.

“One way is through literacy and not simply reading a story but actually taking themes, visually impacting moments, and small details, and injecting life into them through games, sensory play, natural observations, arts and crafts and more.

“It has been our experience at Kaleidoscope that once children have had a direct encounter with literacy, and have experienced it using all the senses they are more likely to develop a love for literacy in the future.”

The spokesperson said, “In addition to activities, Lewell Woolridge from Bee Lovers will be present with his equipment for children to explore.

“Located at 27 Jubilee Road in Devonshire, Kaleidoscope’s overarching mission is to empower children. The Jamboree is a fundraiser for Kaleidoscope’s Creative Minds program, which provides curriculum enrichment to public preschool and primary schools.

“Entry will be $5 with light food, drink and game tickets on sale. To learn more about Kaleidoscope, the Jamboree, classes, parties, camps and more, contact the office at info@kaf.bm or call 542-9000.”

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