AXA End-To-End Announce Charity Beneficiaries

December 18, 2019

The AXA End-to-End has today announced the charities who will benefit from the 2020 event.

The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS], Vision Bermuda, The Garden Club of Bermuda and The Family Centre were chosen from dozens of applications.

AXA End-to-End Chair, Anne Mello said: “We were overwhelmed with applications and every one of them, in some way, was deserving of support so this was not an easy decision to take.

“However, we felt that the four charities we selected represented a very good cross-section of the charitable sector and each, in their own way, do a tremendous amount for Bermuda and its people.

“Now I would encourage everyone to sign up for the 2020 event when registration opens next year to help raise money for these very deserving causes.”

Slideshow from the AXA End-To-End held in May of this year: 


The Garden Club of Bermuda will help fund its Skills Development Programme [SDP] which is aimed at helping vulnerable young Bermudians who are taken on as SDP volunteer trainees.

According to the SDP co-chairs, Cindy Young and Anna Fulton, End-to-End money will be used to help pay stipends for the trainees and provide cooked lunches for them three days a week during their six to seven month tenure, along with further education, counselling and ongoing support.

Ms Young added: “As the programme continues to thrive, we are looking into further education for the interns in their particular field of Horticulture, offering local and overseas scholarships and support, to achieve their goals.”

And Mrs Fulton said: “As the End-to-End traverses much of Bermuda’s railway trails from St. George’s to Somerset, this falls right into the wheelhouse of the Skills Development Programme.

“The AXA End-to-End participants will see the results of their work throughout their walk and SDP volunteers will be willing to provide support during that day, whether it be manning a water stop, helping to direct traffic, fund-raising beforehand and promoting sponsorship of the walkers, along with our volunteers from The Garden Club.”

Lynda Johnson, the BZS Development Officer, said the AXA End-to-End donation will provide
much-needed support for the Schools Programme, available free to all Bermuda students.

“It is more than just an extension of the Island’s mainstream schools; it provides Bermudian examples of experiential learning that students can absorb and relate to while also gaining an awareness of important issues facing their island home.

“To remain free of charge, funding from the community is vital for the continuation of the Schools Programme and ensures availability to all students.”

She added: “During the walk, look around you. Even in the middle of Hamilton, you will find nature. Look down and find the plants that are pushing their way up through the pavement.

“As you walk, notice how people bring greenery and bright colours into their gardens. Look to see which birds are in the sky above you. Taking time to notice these wonders of nature helps us to remember that we are part of a much bigger and interconnected world.”

Vision Bermuda, formerly The Bermuda Society for the Blind, will use the donation to deliver its core services of vision rehabilitation to those who are blind or have a vision impairment.

The Family Centre will use the donation to help fund Family Groups which seek to strengthen families by improving family communication patterns, problem solving challenges, understanding and handling family matters and create a healthier functioning home environment.

Theresa Hall, of Vision Bermuda, said: “Experiencing vision loss is emotionally devastating. How will you choose the clothes you wear, how will you shave or put your make-up on, how will you make your morning coffee without scalding yourself, and how would you begin to navigate your way to work? Would you still be able to work?

“Imagine never seeing the beauty of Bermuda again. Vision Bermuda believes no one should have to face sight loss without support and help to learn how to manage those everyday tasks and maintain their dignity through independence and we are the only organization in Bermuda to provide a full range of specialist services supporting people of any age with low or no vision. The funds will go a long way to help us to continue our services through 2020.”

“Family Centre believes in the same principles as the AXA End-to-End,” said Dr. Sandy De Silva, the Centre’s Director of Services and Executive Director Designate.

“We too believe that families can be resilient when they have the support and inspiration to work through their challenges. We too believe that resilient families are the foundation of a strong, healthy community; hence Family Centre’s mission is to strengthen families to create a healthier Bermuda for our children.

“As a past participant of End-to-End, I strongly encourage all individuals and families to participate in this meaningful, all-inclusive event. This is a feel-great event that instils the value of giving back to our local community.”

The AXA End-to-End takes place on May 2, 2020. Details of registration will be announced soon.

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