Deloitte Bermuda Staff Volunteer For Impact Day

December 19, 2019

Deloitte Bermuda recently held their annual Impact Day, with 78 employees spending the day helping out at five locations; the Bermuda National Trust, Adult Education School, Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail, Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo and WindReach.

A spokesperson said, “Making an impact that matters— guides everything we do, from hiring and learning and development to who we want to be for our customers and the communities in which we live and work. Impact Day is Deloitte’s annual celebration of our commitment to community investment in Bermuda.

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“Deloitte Ltd. completed this year’s annual Impact Day on Thursday, November 14. Deloitte Bermuda has observed Impact Day for a number of years however, this is the third consecutive year that volunteers have spent the entire workday teaming up with non-profits in the Bermuda community.

“Deloitte staff members set aside their work for the day to contribute towards this initiative. A total of 78 employees took part this year at five locations, each aligning to Deloitte’s Corporate Responsibility Pillars: Youth; Seniors; Education and the Environment.

“These locations included The Bermuda National Trust, The Adult Education School, Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail, Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo [BZS] and the WindReach Bermuda.”

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Volunteers at the Bermuda National Trust met at the Gilbert Nature Reserve in Somerset where they got to work clearing trails.

Myles Darrell, Conservation Officer at the Bermuda National Trust commented, “The Bermuda National Trust is so very thankful for all the assistance provided by employees from Deloitte who put in great effort at Gilbert Nature Reserve and the adjacent Springfield property.

“They cleared trails, loaded out over 20 cubic meters of horticultural waste, a quarter ton of domestic waste and planted native and endemic trees. The Deloitte team demonstrates a collaborative community mindset and it makes all the difference to us here at Bermuda National Trust. Thank you!”

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Donna Daniels, Executive Director at The Adult Education School said, “We are truly appreciative of the support received by employees of Deloitte.

“This is the second year that Deloitte employees elected to return to the school and assist with much needed facility and grounds – related tasks that included establishing a garden and power-washing the exterior of the school. The spirit of the team was infectious and their commitment to their work was commendable. Thank you!”

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A major highlight from the day was the opportunity to work in close proximity with animals at the Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS]. Volunteers at WindReach enjoyed landscaping and clearing up the surrounding trails as well as maintenance of animal stalls.

“Community service days provide immeasurable value to our Charity and Deloitte was able to accomplish multiple projects during their time here. It was great to see the team come together, learn more about WindReach and enjoy some everyday WindReach activities. We are very grateful for the continued support and time,” commented Paige Eversley, Recreation and Volunteer coordinator at WindReach Bermuda.

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Joanne Chisnall, Volunteer Officer at BZS stated, “The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] greatly appreciates the help that staff members from Deloitte provided during their annual Impact Day at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

“We were able to split the participants into three groups; the first group labored away out on Trunk Island by clearing downed trees as a result of Humberto, including chipping of the branches. The second group aided the BZS by helping with preparations for our major fundraising event, Roar & Pour; this included building of décor, moving and organization of event items.

“The final group assisted the Aquarists with feeding the seals and aided in turtle health checks, including weighing, assisting with cleaning and scrubbing. The BZS appreciates the time and effort given by corporate volunteers. Thank you Deloitte for giving over 125 hours to the BZS during your Impact Day.”

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Clearing invasive plant species was a repeated project theme across the island for the Deloitte volunteers including the Bermuda Railway Trail.

A team of energetic and hardworking Deloitte volunteers worked in collaboration with us and the Dept of Parks to clear invasive plant species, such as Brazilian Pepper, Chinese Fan Palm and Asparagus fern in order to open up Tribe Rd. No. 7, which is the main tributary trail leading from the Railway Trail to the South Shore Beaches.

In the afternoon the Deloitte team cleared post-Humberto casuarina downfall and more invasive plant species from the Railway Trail by Flatts Inlet and in doing so, helped restore some of the refuge, beauty and interest of the Bermuda landscape.

“Friends of Bermuda Railway Trail is grateful for the service of Deloitte’s volunteers on their Impact Day, as well as for the continued generous support of our charitable endeavour,” said Tucker Murphy, President of Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail.

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Rachelle Frisby, Partner & Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee: “Impact Day stands for the investment in our local community. Deloitte is pleased to have partnered with five organizations for Impact Day this year.

“We hope that that the 500 hours volunteered by our staff will allow these non-profits to continue to focus on providing valuable services to the public for educational and environmental purposes.”

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