Appeal For Suspect To Return From Overseas

December 31, 2019

“Following a search of a property by the Bermuda Police Service [BPS], on Saturday 9th November 2019, in the Fairylands area, police are seeking the return to Bermuda of the owner, who is currently in the United States, for interview in regards to an ongoing criminal investigation”, according to a police spokesperson.

The spokesperson said, “Two warrants, one under the Firearms Act and another under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, otherwise known as PACE, in relation to ongoing investigations which the BPS is conducting.

“We are investigating several matters including firearms, corruption and crime related matters. If there is anyone in the neighbourhood who is aware of anything they would like to speak to us about, they can speak to our Vulnerable Persons Unit in confidence.”

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Comments (12)

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  1. Chanticleer says:

    Oh boy…

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    dont hold your breath

    • Deborah says:

      2 Bermuda’s For sure! Humm…..awaiting outcome with much anticipation!

    • Wahoo says:

      Indeed, I hope he gets compensated for all his lost income while in exile.

  3. Dunn juice says:

    They all come back home eventaully.

  4. Eivie says:

    Go get him WTH.

  5. Point Shared says:

    I doubt anybody really wants him back – he knows too much about too many movers and shakers. If he talks, rather if he is allowed to talk, this could really shake things up

  6. Navin Johnson says:

    Anyone shocked?

  7. George Jones says:

    Please note that Point Shares is not in Fairylands.

  8. Tina Jennings says:

    How did a suspect in such serious matters he to leave in the first place?

  9. Evie says:

    Go get his WTH