New Playground At Saltus St. John’s Campus

December 11, 2019

On Monday, 9th December 2019, Saltus unveiled a new playground at their St. John’s Road campus.

Deryn Lavell, Head of School was joined by Denise McAdoo, Shelly Sayers, Leighton Yong, Henry Weinstein, Beattie Ball, Evie Hook, Sebastian Teitel, Tse Burgess, the Saltus Association and members of the class of 2026 as the ribbon was cut declaring the Upper Primary playground officially open for students’ enjoyment.

“As everyone knows, playgrounds are held in high esteem amongst our youth, but this playground is important to parents and staff as well because the students [of Leighton Yong’s 2019 Year 6 class] have played a crucial role in its development,” a spokesperson said.

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“Teaching and learning looks different at Saltus and the Year 6 playground project is a true reflection of the impact that can be made when young students are empowered to explore and implement new ideas” said Deryn Lavell.

“This was a classroom project where the students had a meaningful and authentic learning experience using inquiry-based learning to design a new playground. They fully embraced this project and learnt valuable skills through a real-life experience.”

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A spokesperson added, “This project allowed the students to go deeper into their learning and explore all of the things that were required to make this playground a reality.

“They were able to develop their English and Public Speaking skills through the presentation of their playground proposal to the Saltus Association as well as their Mathematics and Science skills through their observations, measurements and fundraising efforts.

“With the assistance of the Saltus Association and their fundraising efforts through a raffle, the students are proud to see their project come to life for all Upper Primary students to enjoy.

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