Colonial Offers Additional Help To Taxi Operators

September 17, 2020

Colonial Insurance said they have “stepped up its help for taxi drivers who are struggling due to Covid-19 by offering further cuts in insurance costs.”

“We’ve seen how Covid-19 has affected tourism and, as a result, taxi drivers are seeing a big drop in their business,” said Naz Farrow, Colonial’s Chief Executive Officer.

“When we first announced help for taxis, there was a significant response which made us realise that there was a need, so we are delighted to be able to step up our help,” she added.

“Colonial recently announced that existing taxi policyholders would receive 15 percent off their annual premium if they renew by October 1.

“Now, if someone buys a new taxi insurance policy with Colonial, they will get 10 percent off the premium if they also take out Home Buildings insurance as well.

“Anyone buying a new taxi policy from Colonial now until October 1, 2020, will also receive 5 percent off their annual premium.

Ms Farrow added: “In these difficult economic times, I hope this will go some way towards helping our hard-pressed taxi operators.”

“For more information, please contact 296-3700, email or visit”

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