‘Do Drop In’ Entertainment Event On Monday

September 3, 2020 | 0 Comments

Graham Nesbitt will host a “Do Drop In” Entertainment event at his store The Lion’s Den on Monday, September 7th, and people are invited to attend and enjoy the event.

A spokesperson said, “Retired Bermuda Industrial Union Organizer, Graham Nesbitt [Ras Dowey], will host a ‘Do Drop In’ Entertainment event at his store The Lion’s Den, located at Dr. CA Smith Court on the corner of Victoria and Court Street, and opposite St. Paul’s A.M.E.

“DJ’s, Poets, magicians, vocalists, musicians, actors and dancers of all ages, that would like to participate can call 703-6248 or email pnesbitt@gmail.com to reserve their performance time.

“One featured performance will be from a new teen group, ‘Nuff Said!’ comprised of actor/guitarist Pier Simmons who performed in To Kill a Mocking Bird directed by Rowan Vickers, produced by Makeda Trust, actor/vocalist /choir director Shardae Lee who starred as Dorothy and Dequan Trott as the Tin Man in CedarBridge Academy’s stunning production of The Wiz under the Direction of Patricia Pogson Nesbitt.

“This group is managed by Mr. Bim Bademosi, CEO of The Bermuda Music Institute. There will also be an opportunity for budding entertainers to sign up to join Noire Youth Theatre Company.

“From 10 a.m. in the morning you can enjoy a garden atmosphere, music and a chat with friends. Performances begin at 4 p.m. A viewing of Black Panther: Remembering Chadwick “T’Challa” Boseman follows the Live Entertainment.

“This is a free event. A stage will be erected to elevate the performers. Covid protocols will be in effect. Spectators must wear a mask. Bring a chair and snacks and enjoy the event. Browse and purchase in the Lion’s Den at your leisure.”

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