“Slow & Gradual Tourism Comeback Continues”

October 12, 2020 | 2 Comments

BTA Glenn Jones Bermuda Aug 2020“The slow and gradual tourism industry comeback continues, and across the island this month there will be indisputable signs of Bermuda’s resilience,” Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] Interim CEO Glenn Jones said.

An email sent out by BTA Interim CEO Glenn Jones said, “On Friday, the annual Bermuda Tourism Summit takes place in person and on schedule, a testament to the country’s successful management of the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no complacency, though.

“To avoid crowding, this meeting of tourism minds will be split between two venues—the Hamilton Princess and Rosewood Bermuda—and safety-conscious protocols will be firmly in place.

“Part of that process includes closing pre-registration early, on Wednesday, to give delegates time to fill out a health-screening survey in advance. Everyone’s compliance delivers a strong message about Bermuda’s ability to ease back into the meetings business.

“My hat is off to the hard-working Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] team planning a first-class summit under difficult circumstances and first-time challenges.

“Toward the end of the month, professional athletes will take to their playing fields in sailing’s Bermuda Gold Cup, rugby’s World Tens Series and golf’s PGA Tour Bermuda Championship. All three rev up in the same week, proving to television watchers around the world that our destination is safely suitable for competition—and for watching live from the sidelines.

“Our sales and marketing team is going beyond the call of duty to maximise these tourism opportunities and national security officials have been judicious about shaping operational plans that balance economic recovery and public health. The direct spending resulting from these efforts will produce a much-needed jolt to our economy.

“Speaking of revenue, boat-charter operators lost much of their summer take—and travellers much of their seasonal adventure. We’re working to help them reclaim summer with a nine-day, get-out-on-the-water promotion called Catamaran & Yacht Week [Oct 23 to 31].

“The BTA has brought together a robust collection of stakeholders to collaborate on this promotion, strategically placed on the calendar to run simultaneously with this month’s international sailing, rugby and golf activity. Expect the island life revelry that makes visitors envious, but with COVID-19 safety guardrails attached for everyone’s benefit.

“Meantime, commercial air capacity to Bermuda continues to increase, with more airlines and respective weekly frequency. American Airlines re-launched three-day service from Miami last week.

“We now welcome visitors from six gateways: New York [Delta and JetBlue via JFK]; Boston [JetBlue]; Atlanta [Delta]; Miami [AA]; London [British Airways via Gatwick]; and Toronto [Air Canada]. By the end of October, air capacity should reach about 35% of 2019 levels for the month.

“Not all consumers are ready to board a plane again. It’ll be well into 2021 before some will even consider it. But for those who are ready, Bermuda is, too. And October looks set to be our best chance yet this year to deliver the hospitably warm, open-air experiences so many travellers have been dreaming about since spring.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    I do hope Glenn gets appointed permanently and that he has a better time of it than Kevin did

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