Zane DeSilva Responds Following Police Arrest

October 4, 2020

Zane De Silva Thumb Nov 14 2018

“I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide,” Zane DeSilva said, with the MP adding that had the police asked him for information or documents he would have “gladly handed whatever over to them” without the need for a “police raid.”

Mr DeSilva said, “On 2nd October 2020 still humbled by the landslide victory the PLP enjoyed in Thursday’s election and my own unprecedented endorsement by the people of Southampton, I was raided by the police at my home. This was pursuant to a warrant issued by a Magistrate, the name of whom is obscured, at the behest of the BPS.

“The warrant related to the now widely reported, ill-fated, government loan to Mr Blakey of Savvy Entertainment, with which I had absolutely no involvement.

“Had the police asked me for whatever information or documents they sought I would have gladly handed ‘whatever’ over to them without any hesitation without the need for what was effectively a ‘mob handed Police raid’ which for some reason was accompanied by the press!

“Had they sought answers to questions that needed resolution I would have gladly assisted them in any way I could. I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide.

“Instead, they chose to arrest me, search my home and my business and hold me in custody for an interview for a period of almost nine hours. I do understand the need for the Police to act on information they receive about apparent wrong-doing and to properly investigate any such circumstance.

“I do not and have never expected any special treatment in any walk of life because of my business and political positions within our community but I, like every other citizen in Bermuda, expect to be afforded the respect to which we are all entitled before the Police adopt unnecessary and oppressive measures to pursue their tasks.

“This is yet another example of oppressive tactics seemingly aimed at some of us on one side of the political divide, be it the pointless Commission of Enquiry focused on the PLP, Dr Reddy’s illegal arrest, Dr Brown’s near 10 year criminal investigation – it has all cost millions of dollars for nothing, yet it continues to blight our progress both Island-wide and in the eyes of the international community.”

The MP added that if he had “the slightest doubt about this type of approach affecting senior members of the PLP,” the fact that reporters “just happened upon my address at precisely the same time as the Police arrested me removes any possible doubt.”

“Is it to be supposed that it was merely coincidence or that they are usually camped outside my address just in case something happens? Or did someone in the BPS or DPP’s office deliberately tip them off in order to cause maximum embarrassment to the Party, my family and myself.

“I have been elected by the people of Southampton East to serve them: that is all I have ever wanted to do, that is all I have ever done and that is what I will continue to do,”

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