Bermuda Martial Artists Compete In English Open

November 30, 2020

Five Bermuda martial artists competed in the English Open online, which included competitors from Russia, England, Ireland, Canada, and the United States.

Competitors ended up splitting the over 18 categories in three categories, over 18, over 50, and over 60 as there were many adult black belts competing.

Massanda Vaughans finished 3rd competing in the forms – traditional male 8-11 age group beginner class, representing Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda. In the weapons – traditional 8-11 beginner class Vaughans finished 2nd.

During the forms – traditional male 8-11 intermediate class, Seiji Wallington-Ingham finished 5th representing the Bermuda Karate Institute, and Wallington-Ingham won the weapons – traditional 8-11 intermediate class.

Davonte Richardson representing the Bermuda Karate Institute finished 2nd in the forms – traditional 8-11 advanced class.

In the forms – traditional 12-17 advanced class Dominique Brown finished 2nd representing Zenji Ryu Karate School, Brown also finished 5th in the forms – creative 12-17 advance / black belt class and finished 3rd during the weapons – traditional 12-17 black belt class.

Kristina Ingham won the forms – traditional 60+ advance / black belt class representing the Bermuda Karate Institute, and she also finished 2nd in the weapons – traditional 18 advance / black belt class.

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