Minister: Covid Test Rules To Change To 5 Days

November 18, 2020 | 4 Comments

“In the near future, arriving visitors will have to secure a negative PCR pre-departure test that is no older than 5 days prior to arrival,” Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, adding that “right now, the period for that test is no more than 7 days.”

Speaking at last night’s [Nov 17] press briefing, Minister Wilson said, “It is anticipated that in the near future, arriving visitors will have to secure a negative PCR pre-departure test that is no older than 5 days prior to arrival in Bermuda.

“Right now, the period for that test is no more than 7 days before departing. However, as the availability of pre-departure testing has improved and the number of imported positive COVID-19 cases has slowly increased, we have decided this is an appropriate change to make at this time – but we will continue to evaluate this protocol on a regular basis and adjust as necessary.

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“With those students that are studying overseas more likely to come home this month and next to visit family and friends, vigilance around returning travellers – and compliance with the mobile quarantine provisions in effect – is especially important,” the Minister added.

“I want to re-emphasise that mobile quarantine requires that a resident or visitor with negative COVID-19 PCR pre-departure and arrival test results must still test on Day 4 and Day 8. Likewise, a resident or visitor with a negative Day 8 COVID-19 PCR test result must still test on Day 14.

“As the Minister of Health, I remain concerned that some travellers believe that two negative tests means “we’re fine; we can do anything.” To be clear – that is not the case. There are restrictions that apply to returning residents and visitors regarding their movements and activities, until they have a negative Day 14 test result.

“For example, a traveller with a negative pre-departure test and negative arrival test can dine outdoors but not indoors, and cannot visit a bar or nightclub.

“After a negative test result on Day 8, a traveller can dine indoors but cannot play a contact sport even if it is played outdoors. That person also cannot attend a large event such as a wedding.

“Our community is protected only when everyone does their part and plays by the rules.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. AARON says:

    They need to put a tracking bracelet on ALL returning students. I have a feeling they will mess things up

    • Cotton Wool Brigade says:

      Or… could just wrap yourself up in cotton wool and stay at home for the duration of the holidays!
      I don’t understand why there is an inherent distrust of returning residents. Most are adults, and should be expected to behave as such.
      Also, it was reported today that just 0.27% of all arriving passengers since July tested positive. Hardly a second wave of infections. More like a Mexican Wave! Ole!

  2. Kevin says:

    guess that just shoots any chance of visitors arriving other than family squarely in the forehead. Can you imagine spend $700 on airline and $500 a night in a hotel and only able to eat outdoors and cant go to a bar …guess they do beleive in fairytails …there will be many more Pompano over the next 30- 60 days this government has found that money does in fact grow on trees

  3. Me says:

    This government has an anchor around its waist and will never lose it they are the party of spend spend spend money we dont have so ultimately another oarty will need to tale over next term to sort the mess out

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