Video Shows Storms In Relation To Triangle

November 18, 2020

Noting it is just for “entertainment purposes,” and saying they are having fun and doing the “most 2020 conspiracy theory ever,” Weather Nation posted a video showing the storm tracks in the Atlantic this season, claiming none of them have affected the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda is located at the top right tip of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, an area which has spurred numerous conspiracy theories over the years, and an area which most Bermudians have been asked about, at some point, whenever we travel abroad!

While two hurricanes did pass by the island this year, neither really tracked through the so-called Bermuda Triangle area, which extends down from Bermuda to Puerto Rico and Florida.

Weather Nation posted the video below, saying: “Just for fun, in the most 2020 conspiracy theory ever, we noticed something funky about all the named storm tracks in the Atlantic Basin this season. Notice how none of them have affected the Bermuda Triangle?!

“In fact, Josephine got right up close to the boundary and disintegrated! What do you think? Again, we’re just having fun for entertainment purposes only.”

Conspiracy theories about the Bermuda Triangle aside, the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season has already seen a record breaking 30 named storms, the most on record.

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    I guess they never saw the one that had the eye go right over us .. Or maybe it’s a conspiracy theory and we weren’t hit at all .