Minister Renee Ming On Incidents In East End

December 16, 2020

“The incidents of the past few days are quite disheartening” and “all key stakeholders are working hard to keep our communities safe,” National Security Minister Renee Ming said following several recent incidents.

Minister Ming said, “Speaking specifically to the home invasion, few acts of crime can be more frightening than to have the safety and peace of one’s home violently disturbed by someone brandishing a gun.

“It disturbs me that our homes and neighborhoods are being threatened in this way by a lawless few, and I encourage anyone who has any knowledge of this incident or any other such activities to please share what you know, and cooperate with the Bermuda Police Service.

“On Monday [Dec. 14] I had an opportunity to discuss the weekend’s home invasion and firearm incident with the Bermuda Police Service and the Gang Violence Coordinator because it’s important for me to have a full debrief from those responsible for ensuring our public safety.

“And I have every confidence that our uniformed services and the Gang Violence Reduction Team are dedicating the necessary resources to address the incidences.

“At this stage, I wish to commend the Bermuda Police Service for working swiftly to arrest those responsible for the home invasion incident, as well as the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service for their efforts in extinguishing the vehicle car fires. The cause of the fires continue to be investigated.

The BFRS extinguishing one of the car fires in St George’s

“Amidst the current pandemic, which has brought with it stressors that all of Bermuda is being challenged with, the incidents of the past few days are quite disheartening. I wish to re-affirm that all key stakeholders are working hard to keep our communities safe from the pandemic and from senseless acts of crime.”

“Anyone with information on any of the East End incidents are asked to call 295-0011 or 211,” the Minister added.

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  1. red rose says:

    The PLP cut the police budget in the last budget by almost $5 million

    • Here we go says:

      LOL!!!! WHAT?!?!? this has nothing to do with how much money you feel was cut from the police budget. This would have happen even if that police station was open in St. Georges. You really think $5 million dollars would have stopped that from happening? Clearly you just want to point a finger at PLP.

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Since the closure of the St. George’s Police Station,the area has gone slowly down the toilet to the stage where nobody gives a damm,Kenny was right!

  3. trufth says:

    Don’t blame the pandemic for people lighting cars on fire!

  4. Einstein says:

    Gang membership should be strictly punished by 50 years mandatory prison. That way when you come out, the gang genes have been worked out of your body and mind.Just for membership alone. Anyone who professes or confesses or is found to be member of a gang by evidence, should receive 50 years. Remove all of them from society. Community members know who the gangsters are.