34 Curfew Breaches Since December 18, 2020

January 25, 2021 | 2 Comments

In total there have been 34 curfew breaches since December 18 2020, 19 males and 15 females, and the Department of Public Prosecutions has approved charges against 5 of them, while 27 are still pending, Minister of National Security Renee Ming said.

Speaking at a press conference last week, the Minister said, “As the Premier announced earlier this week, we have updated the COVID-19 Regulations. The changes took effect today. As a reminder for the public here’s what is now in place. After consultation with the Ministry of Health, the following changes have been agreed:

“Group gatherings of persons in a private or public setting will increase from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 25 people – this also includes outdoor funerals.

“However there will be no Large Group exemptions approved at this time. Changes to the regulations also cover indoor bars and nightclubs. Indoor bars and nightclubs can re-open but they will only be permitted to operate as table service only, with a maximum of 6 at a table. No bar service will be permitted. And, we will review any additional changes to the regulations in two weeks.

“We had some encouraging news from the Ministry of Health that there were zero positive COVID cases.

“After a terrible outbreak of the coronavirus in our community last November, we are now seeing the benefits of the implementation of the necessary restrictions that were put in place just before the holidays.

“The compliance of the community is why we are starting to see the lower numbers of infections.

“And it’s thanks to these collective efforts that we can make these modifications to the regulations.

“As a reminder we continue to be under curfew.

“The curfew will remain in place between the hours of midnight – 5 am, with businesses closing at 11 pm. In that regard, we must ensure the community’s compliance of the updated COVID-19 regulations.

“To aid in that, the Bermuda Police Service’s COVID Compliance Team continue to be active in visiting various businesses, bars and restaurants to ensure that patrons and establishments are engaging in the appropriate health and safety protocols.

“They are also checking to ensure that businesses and patrons are complying with the current curfew.

“So we want to remind the public that if you intend to be out and about in the evening hours to please plan ahead by ensuring you have enough time to get home before the midnight curfew.

“The BPS’s COVID Compliance Team in partnership with the Bermuda Reserve Police will be monitoring the curfew checkpoints. And they will also be out on the roads to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

“I did want to provide a brief update from the BPS on the curfew breaches. In total there have been 34 breaches since December 18 2020. The breakdown per Parish is as follows:

  • 1 Sandy’s
  • 1 Southampton
  • 3 Warwick
  • 11 Paget
  • 7 Pembroke
  • 3 Devonshire
  • 3 Hamilton
  • 1 Smiths
  • 2 St. George’s

“The gender breakdown is:

  • 19 males
  • 15 females

“Currently there are five [5] persons who have been approved for charges by the Department of Public Prosecutions and 27 are still pending.

“Lastly, as always, I wish to encourage our community to please exercise personal responsibly and common sense.

“Please continue to keep your family and friend bubbles small.

“Please continue to follow the health guidelines to protect you and your families.

“Please refrain from hosting events more than the allotted group numbers.

“Please practice physical distancing, proper hand hygiene and wear a mask when in public spaces and places.

“And if you’re in attendance at any establishment or location around the island and see any breaches of the COVID-19 regulations by persons or businesses – please do not hesitate to call 2-11 to report the violations.

“As I close I wish to thank the community for their cooperation and continue to encourage vigilance to protect you and your loved ones.”

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  1. In all fairness and reality, we have a curfew in effect from 12 midnight to 5 or 6 am in the morning, is this really effective and is that short period of a curfew really making a difference.

    The majority of the population are already at home, including young people, it’s only the weekends that the numbers increase during those hours, but we continually hear the blame being put on a segment of society, that really doesn’t add up according to the so call statistics.

    This curfew is not preventing any new positive cases, neither has it proven to slow down anything as far as an outbreak, the health officials are still not answering pertinent questions, as far as the similarities of covid19 and the common flu, Did Bermuda see a spike in cases in November/December, based on the persons possibly being flu victims, but where listed as being covid19.

    We are in the Winter months where it’s common to here of person having the flu, but not one flu case has been reported in any of our press conferences with the department of health, go figure.

  2. How many? says:

    So how many offenders were black vs white? You told us make vs female but what about race? It matters!

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