Photos: Bernie Memes In Joan Aspinal Art

January 28, 2021

Author and artist Joan K. Aspinal recently created a series of artwork based on the Senator Bernie Sanders meme that went viral in the United States following the inauguration of President Joe Biden, when the Vermont Senator went viral for his casual coat and notable mittens. The artwork depicts Senator Sanders in a number of situations, including with mermaids, fish, cats, and more.

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (1)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (2)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (3)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (4)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (5)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (6)

Bernie Sanders Bermuda Jan 27 2021 (7)

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  1. Leah C Koutsoukalis says:

    You have launched a rescue mission of life preservers with humor and tranquility, much needed NOW to escape from the MEDIA (all kinds) and for you are escaping from the turbulent climate 24/7 that crashed upon us like a tsunami. We can now break free from the rip currents and powerful whirlpools that plunged us into the dark abyss where we encountered untrustworthy faces of the past 4-5 years who pulled us along on the descending voyage to the depths…down, down, down.
    Be strong. Hold your breath…
    Watch for the lifelines shimmering with colorful fish scales like photo synthesis swirling in the vortex. They are reaching out for you… Grab and hold on tight to the Mermaids, mercats, dolphins, whales, or a team of seahorses, and don’t forget the schools of sergeant major fish…
    Safe and sound, float on the surface, breathe the clean sea air where long tails fly overhead in the warm sun and blue sky…
    Possibilities ARE endless Mermaid Queen Joan Aspinall

  2. Joan K Aspinall says:

    Thanks, Leah, for putting your thoughts into words on my images, and recognizing my tongue-in-cheek humour was designed as a brief interlude to entertain the viewers after the perpetual bombardment of America’s political ill tidings. Bernie Sanders in mittens became the poster boy for a cartoon craze that swept the US and I could not resist giving him a taste of Bermuda. Your deeper comments will awaken an awareness of the turmoils of the past 4years and that there is a new light on the horizon which affects not only the US but the entire world. May you and your family keep safe during these pressing times of the pandemic.

  3. Leah says:

    Well said Joan, “there is new light on the horizon”. It was not my intent to send out a distress call. Your work truly brightens any situation and transports the viewer to beautiful places. Thank you for the strength, comfort, and peace shared in your creativity for decades.
    Be Well