Jeopardy Features Dwayne Leverock Question

June 28, 2021

The memorable catch by Bermudian cricket player Dwayne Leverock in the World Cup was featured as a question on the popular Jeopardy Game Show.

Sandy Olive –  a high school teacher from Missouri — correctly answered ‘cricket’ to the question “Though India would win by 257 runs, Dwayne Leverock made a memorable catch for Bermuda in this sport at a West Indies World Cup,” earning $400 for the correct answer, which contributed to her total winnings of $21,000.

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  1. Not correct says:

    That’s not correct! Her answer was “What is Cricket”! It’s a Jeopardy rule that you must provide the answer in question format!

  2. Hog Penny says:

    Chingas bye!