‘Duped Out Of A Significant Amount Of Money’

July 13, 2021 | 3 Comments

The police are advising seniors to not provide their banking information to unknown parties, noting that in one recent incident, a senior was contacted by an individual via WhatsApp and “the senior followed the instructions, only to be duped out of a significant amount of money.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is once again advising our seniors not to provide their banking information to unknown individuals.

“In one recent incident, a senior was contacted by an individual via WhatsApp and led to believe they were the recipient of a substantial sum of money. However, in order to collect the funds, the senior was advised they would have to make a transfer from their account to another at a local bank.

“The senior followed the instructions, only to be duped out of a significant amount of money.

“A report was made to police and an investigation into this matter has now begun.

“The BPS urges seniors, if you are contacted about your finances by someone other than a trusted relative/friend, do not provide them:

  • any information about your money.
  • your bank account number.
  • any information about your bank cards.
  • your bank card number or your PIN number.
  • your phone number, address or any of your personal information.

“If you feel unsure about someone contacting you regarding your financial information:

  • Do not engage in conversation with them.
  • Inform your financial institution.
  • Contact the Police at 911.”

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  1. sage says:

    Are these scammers untraceable?

    • DNA says:

      Seems that a WhatsApp message would be pretty easy to trace. Beware the man with a limp and a soft voice.

  2. DOUBLE DIP says:

    A GENERAL ECONOMIC COMMENT… It is not only the seniors only getting the shaft by being duped.

    Others are being cheated out of their hard earned money by all sectors of the market .

    Profit reaping has now become common practice by many including retailers for some time now by incremental price hiking some of which ,not all , can be blamed on overseas vendors.

    Recently B.E.L.Co. took a bashing with others in the food business, with little attention given to other retailers in the money game.

    Add on discounts are a ploy to attract business which proves the point relating to price gouging by offering items at lower prices.

    ” On Sale ” intended with 50 % reduction further proves the point.

    The are many big business closures, some are sold to foreign investors. what does that tell you?

    Time constraints on warrantee placed on mechanical items is often reduce substantially if not offered at all.

    This is the game of “Russian Roulette” if you get stuck with a lemon.

    Selling “T” shirts under the lemon trees will not save our souls.

    ” Servicing departments” are nothing more that a routing platform to the dump.

    Do you remember the day when a .50 Diode went for $ 50 . what’s a Diode you may ask?

    Recycling parts salvaged from the junk pile should be at a reduce cost, but never is.

    If Bermuda thinks and hopes for a speedy economic recovery you are sadly mistaken when our prudent tourist have been saying for some time ,” Bermuda is too expensive.”
    The competition is beating us to the punch.

    If you want to know what make the world go round its ..

    Tell me what does gas costs these days ?


    ” Half a cake is better than no cake at all”.

    A hard earned Reputation and be all lost at 2.30 pm on a Thursday afternoon.

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