Thunderstorm Advisory & Gale Warning Issued

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[Updated] The Bermuda Weather Service has issued a Gale Warning and Thunderstorm Advisory for today [Nov 23].

Their forecast for today states, “Strong southerly winds will strengthen further as a robust low pressure system moves in from the west. Occasional gale force wind may gust near storm force, especially at elevated or exposed locations or within periods of showers that may be heavy at times as well as any thunderstorms that might form. The front clears to the east tonight and for the rest of the week much colder temperatures and blustery showers are expected.”

Graphic courtesy of the BWS:

Gale Warning Bermuda Nov 23 2021 BWS

The BWS posted the graphic above online and said, “Heads-up Bermuda! A Gale Warning has been issued, covering today. A vigorous front is approaching that will bring occasional gale force winds, and may even have gusts in excess of 50 mph, especially near heavy showers and thunderstorms through today. A Thunderstorm Advisory is also in effect. Motorists should especially be cautious during their morning and afternoon commutes. Behind this front, the latter half of the week will seem be distinctly cooler. Stay safe and informed at”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security is advising the public to be cautious as severe weather approaches the island.

“The Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] advised that the island is currently under a Gale Warning for today. A Thunderstorm Advisory is also in effect. According to the BWS, a “vigorous front” is approaching, that will bring occasional gale force sustained winds which may have gusts reaching storm force, especially near heavy showers and thunderstorms through today.

“The Ministry notes that the public should take the necessary precautions, and motorists should exercise extra caution during their morning and afternoon commutes. As a reminder, Bermuda is nearing the end of hurricane season (June 1 – Nov. 30). Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and prepared. For continued weather updates, visit”

Update: The BWS posted the graphic online below, saying, “Update 0945 23 Nov 2021 – a Severe Weather Warning has been issued:

  • Severe Weather Warning
  • Valid: This morning until This afternoon
  • Issued: 9:30 am Tuesday, November 23, 2021

“Additional Information:

“Latest satellite and radar imagery continues to show a vigorous cold front nearing the island. Current data indicate not only severe thunderstorms, but meso-activity which is currently near the western marine area. Expect these conditions with occasional gale force winds and gusts to storm force to continue into the afternoon before beginning to ease by this evening. Stay up to date at”

Bermuda Weather Service Nov 2021

Update: The BWS posted the graphic online below, saying, “11:45AM, 23 Nov 2021 – Bermuda is still under a Severe Weather Watch [downgraded from a Warning], valid through early this afternoon. Although the worst thunderstorms this morning have now gone through, some active cells may skirt the southern marine area. A Gale Warning and a Thunderstorm Advisory also remain in effect. Over an inch of rain has already fallen in some areas in the last 3 hours, as detected by radar [see adjacent graphic], and a gust to 50 knot was observed at the airport this morning. Stay safe Bermuda!”

Bermuda Weather Service Nov 23 2021 (2)

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