‘Thanks To All Who Played A Part In Journey’

March 13, 2022

Speaking in advance of Monday’s Privy Council ruling, Winston Godwin-DeRoche thanked everyone who “played a part in this journey,” saying “if you were vocal, if you protested, if you marched, if you cheered out loud or cheered on the inside, if you supported in any way shape or form, I thank you, and Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ community, thanks you.”

Mr Godwin-DeRoche — pictured below with his husband Greg Godwin-DeRoche – filed the legal challenge which paved the way for same sex marriage in Bermuda back in 2017. Since that time the matter has been before the courts on multiple occasions, and the Privy Council in England — the highest court of appeal for Bermuda — is scheduled to deliver the judgement on Monday morning.

winston godwin greg to get married bermuda  2017

Mr Godwin-DeRoche said, “The fight for marriage equality in Bermuda will come to an end tomorrow, with a judgement that could impact not only Bermuda, but potentially other jurisdictions as well.

“I just wanted to say that regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, anyone that identifies as part of Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ community, please remember that this ruling changes nothing about who you are and how you love! Please remember that your life matters. Please remember you are loved!

“Every single day that you live your life authentically is a protest. Every time you fly a Pride flag is self expression. Your very existence is a resistance. You living your life authentically is a thank you to those that came before you and it a symbol of hope to those that come after you.

“Bermuda has changed and progressed so incredibly much since 1994 and we have so much to be incredibly proud of! So here’s a brief reminder of what we have achieved and overcome.”

He listed off a history, starting with the Stubbs Bill in 1994, the Human Rights Act being amended in 2013, the various legal rulings, and also mentioned the island’s first Pride March in 2019, which saw thousands of people turn out in support.

“So you see, we truly have come so incredibly far. We as a community have achieved what many thought would never be possible for our little 21sq mile island. Each and every single one of you helped make this possible,” he added.

“I don’t think there’s enough time to thank everyone who has played a part in this journey. Just know that if you were vocal, if you protested, if you marched, if you cheered out loud or cheered on the inside, if you supported in any way shape or form, I thank you, and Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ community, thanks you.”

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  1. Mary H says:

    I’m praying Bermuda ends up on the right side of this, beautifully stated, love is love!!!

  2. Which ever way it goes , it won’t change the fact that marriage is only between a man and a woman .Nothing will ever change that .

    • saud says:


    • Mike Hind says:

      Why spread lies? This is simply not true.

  3. Go away says:

    Hopefully the court will uphold Christian values! Enough of all this nonsense!

  4. LOL - the real one says:

    1. Is the Government going to seek reimbursement from ALL of the plaintiffs for the taxpayer costs of this case? Recall that Mr. Godwin-DeRoche married in Canada after same-sex marriage was “legal” in Bermuda.

    2. What are the Government’s legal action plans for the handful of people who did marry while the case was being appealed? Classify the marriages as something else?

  5. saud says:

    Bermuda loses again.

    Bigoted, uneducated, poor and ignorant…Bermuda.

    • Paul Reviere says:

      Go away, far far away.

      • sandgrownan says:

        How very Bermudian of you.

        • Paul Reviere says:

          Anyone who chooses to say the words penned by saud, Needs to go far far away.
          Why would they class Bermuda this way?
          Everyone isn’t in agreement with the results, but why class Bermuda in such a way.
          Guess it’s easier to put us all in one basket, right sandgrownan

          • sandgrownan says:

            Bermuda voted for this…the (a) point of the law is to PROTECT minorities. Bermuda has voted to discriminate.

            Who is next?
            Those in interracial relationships?
            White people?
            Be careful, it could be fat people, which puts 66% of Bermuda in the crosshairs.

            • LOL (original TM) says:

              You are now worried about peoples rights lololololololol.

              Keep talking this is gold… you just cant make this up….