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April 4, 2022 | 7 Comments

[Updated] A swearing-in ceremony will be held at 5.30pm this afternoon [April 4] at Government House.

We assume, not know, it will be related to Cabinet, as this follows after Renee Ming left the position as National Security Minister, and the Premier saying he “looks forward to announcing the new Cabinet configuration.”

Today’s event is for invited guests, however the Government media will be providing a feed which we plan to stream below, and the Premier is expected to “host a press conference at the Cabinet Office to provide an overview of the reconfigured Cabinet” tomorrow.


Update: The Government has confirmed this swearing-in ceremony will be “for the appointment of new Ministers.”

Update 5.58pm: Michael Weeks has been sworn-in as the new Minister of National Security and Vance Campbell is the new Minister of Tourism. This marks a return to Cabinet for Minister Weeks, and the first time Minister Campbell has held a Cabinet position.

The 22-minute live video replay is below:

Update 8.00pm: The Premier’s full statement follows below:

Your Excellency, Cabinet colleagues, ladies and gentlemen; good afternoon.

I am pleased to welcome Minister Vance Campbell and to welcome back Minister Michael Weeks to the Cabinet. These are challenging times in which to serve, so I thank them for agreeing to take up this challenge, firstly in their devoted work from the backbench and now for their willingness to enter a new chapter of public service as Ministers of the Government.

Both of them speak to the depth of talent available within the ranks of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party.

I look forward to working with them as we build on the people-centred economic recovery and social renewal that is critical to Bermuda’s success.

Minister Vance Campbell is a Certified Public Account and has a wealth of experience in the private and public sectors and has had a long record of public and community service. Minister Campbell’s experience will serve the Government well in his new role as the Minister of Tourism as we rebuild Bermuda’s tourism for the benefit of our people.

No stranger to the demands of Cabinet, Minister Michael Weeks is a strong, grassroots community leader with over 20 years’ experience in residential treatment services. One of the major challenges that we face in Bermuda is the increasing violence in our community, and Minister Weeks’ work and life experiences will equip him well in this role as he dedicates fulltime attention as Minister of National Security in this new chapter of his public service.

As I said in my statement on Wednesday, I do wish to thank the former Minister of National Security, MP Renee Ming for her service. She has been a powerful voice for St. George’s and I look forward to her continued effective representation of her constituents and her contribution to the Government’s work from the backbench.

On Saturday I held an open-door clinic in my constituency. After a week of such sensational headlines, I prepared myself to address questions about leadership, “turmoil” and “instability”. I should not have been bothered. Like people all across Bermuda, my constituents had questions about fuel prices, the state of the roads, when the Fairmont Southampton will open, the economy, social issues and other matters that affect the lives of Bermudians every day.

I mention this because it is very easy to get distracted by rumours, innuendo, and speculation. That may be what sells papers and increases viewership, but it does not in any way help the people we were elected to serve.

Saturday’s interaction with my constituents reminded me that the people want us to create a climate of social harmony; to grow this economy and address the cost of living for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. It reinvigorated my commitment and my focus.

I am focused on the work that we promised to do on behalf of the electorate. The Cabinet is focused on that work. The Caucus and the wider Parliamentary Group are focused on that work. People are depending on us to deliver on what we promised and our commitment as their representatives and my commitment as Leader of the Government is to deliver and continue delivering for them.

Thank you.








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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Today’s event is for invited guests, however the Government media will be providing a feed which we plan to stream below …”

    No questions allowed!

  2. puzzled says:

    Um um um girlfriend.

  3. rotten onion says:

    So a guy that runs a construction/hardware store is tourism minister.
    Really dredging the bottom of the barrel now.

  4. Unknown800k says:

    Flip flop furbert got competition now, more yes sir men

    • Joe Public says:

      He said yes to the nasty obaUBP why can’t he say yes to the plp. 30-6

  5. Observer says:

    “your people want you to create a climate of social harmony” well premier Burt, take careful heed of these words because you are failing dismally on all fronts when it comes to this particular subject. A score of two out of ten might be generous.

    • Hmm says:

      Well the OBA trolls cant seemed to win. Now tbey must have a score of -6 lol and thats being nice.

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