Over 1000 Signatures On Ferry Service Petition

April 19, 2022

[Updated] An online petition calling for the Government to “restore an adequate ferry service on the Paget/Warwick route” has been launched, attaining over 1,000 signatures so far.

The petition says, “The Paget/Warwick ‘Pink’ ferry service has been reduced dramatically over the last ten years. There are, and have always been, many ferry users who are unable to operate their own transport due to age, physical ability or financial resources. Additionally, many workers in Hamilton rely on the ferry service outside of commuter hours.

“It is anticipated that the weekend service will be removed entirely and the weekday service reduced to commuter runs without any service in the middle of the day or into the evening.

“Please subscribe to this petition to make known to Government the importance of the Paget/Warwick ‘Pink’ ferry service to all members of our community and the absolute need to restore an adequate service on this route. The anticipated further reductions to the Paget/Warwick ‘Pink’ ferry service to be announced by the Minister of Transport will make the ‘public’ ferry service untenable for many Bermuda residents.”

On April 11th, Bernews asked the Government for a response to the petition and the Government said that the “Ministry is aware of the petition and will issue the full summer ferry service and a statement likely next week.” We followed up via email yesterday and if we receive a statement we will update.

A statement from a group concerned about the ferry service said, “In the last few days the Hon. Lawrence Scott JP MP, Bermuda Minister of Transport, has appeared in the Bermuda media suggesting that further reductions may be made to the Paget-Warwick “Pink” ferry route, possibly reducing the service to a commuter route during week-days and removing the week-end service altogether.

“The Minister stated that such reductions would save $200k per year on the annual budget which, to put things in perspective, should be considered in light of the published $132K cost for a single new electric bus, 30 of which have been ordered by the Ministry of Transport, but none of which services Harbour Road.

“In contrast to most countries which are deploying an increasing amount of their fiscal budgets into public transport, the Minister seems minded to encourage more Bermudians onto our already clogged roads and into using private transport. Rather than the reduced service being a response to low ridership, the proposed reductions are leaving traditional ferry-users with little option than to use their own vehicles to compensate for an inadequate service on this route. Given increased flexibility in working arrangements arising from the global pandemic, this decision to reduce the service to traditional commuter hours is particularly backwards-looking.

“The Paget-Warwick ferry has served the route for over fifty years, being a lifeline for tourism businesses along Harbour Road as well as many of the more vulnerable members of our community, in particular, the elderly, schoolchildren and those without private transport. So much so that the requirement for the Minister of Transport to ensure an “adequate” ferry service is enshrined in Bermuda’s statute book.

“Naturally, the proposed reductions have not been well received by members of the community. On Saturday 9 April an online petition was launched on www.change.org.

“Among the many signatories, a common thread is that the reductions are a “terrible idea”, that “people need this service” and, in relation to the increased strain on Bermuda’s road infrastructure, that “residents, business people, and visitors to our Island rely heavily on the Warwick/Hamilton ferry. If they have to drive their cars to Hamilton, where on earth will they park?”

“The proposed changes will be particularly detrimental to tourism businesses along Harbour Road as well as the more than fifty residents of Hinson’s Island who rely entirely upon this ferry service for their public transportation.”

Update 10.25am: The Government said the “Ministry will issue a press release and the revised ferry schedule tomorrow.”

Update 4.47pm: Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott on ferry petition:

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  1. Guy Carri says:

    Put that money towards air travel. Unless he means plane tickets for the premier and MP’s to jet set, that’s nonsense.

    They need to cut costs and they are starting with the smallest of small bc they’re too afraid to cut where it makes a difference.

  2. To many Non PLP voters use that ferry

    • puzzled says:

      WOW!!! James.
      How did you get to say that here on this feed.

  3. DSimmons says:

    Cutting the pink route doesnt make sense. This service is probably the only route that might be breaking even with costs and expenses. The real problem was when the government bought the fast ferries. Those expensive fast ferries are high horsepower, extreme fuel consumsion, and high maintenance costs. That is the problem but the gov has just stuck with them draining the Marine and Ports bugets mostly on fuel and maintenance time after time again. Sell those crappy fast ferries and go back to a more efficient slower ferry.The older ferries took 30 mins the new ones take 20 mins. But the new ones have between 2 (Serenity and Resolute)and 4(Warbaby, Tempest,Venturilla, Cecil Smith) massive aprox 800 to 1000 hp engines. The old ones had 2 450hp engines. Do the math? Thats just the fuel not to mention costs of parts on those 1/4 million dollar engines and the hamilton jet drives.Another cost saving measure is to keep the early commuter ferry Dockyard ,Watford, Cavello Bay berthed in Dockyard. It starts in Dockyard then does the route and finishes in Dockyard for the late night run. This would save in fuel because the ferry normally runs empty from town to Watford. Just burning fuel leaving from Hamilton to pick up a boat load to go back to work in Hamilton.

  4. helicopter says:

    Jamesyou hit it on the head. But dont matter since they DONT LISTEN and only do what they want and **** the general population

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      If you live east of White Hill (and all Pink Route users do), your opinion doesn’t matter.

  5. TA gotta go says:

    well the saved monies can go towards the govt undeclared trips expenses, who knows comrade burt and crew may even fget a private plane out of it to match his travel lifestyle.