David Sussmann Highlights Pure Ocean

May 3, 2022

The Pure Ocean challenge between Bermuda and Lorient will take place this month, with the event aiming to “highlight ocean conservation and raise funds for the foundation’s work.”

Pure Ocean founder David Sussmann told Bernews, “The event aims to highlight ocean conservation and raise funds for the foundation’s work. Whilst race entry is free, participants are being encouraged to make a 1000€, or more, donation to Pure Ocean. Race fans will be able to track the boats’ progress on the Pure Ocean website, where they can make donations to help our state-of-the-art research to increase our understanding of the ocean and protect and restore its biodiversity.

“Whilst I am crewing on professional sailor Jean-Pierre Dick’s JP54 boat I will be producing content for our social media channels, including our Facebook page, to talk about some of the issues affecting our ocean, including pollution, overfishing and the impacts climate change is having on our seas.

“We really want to engage as wider audience as possible to give them a bird’s eye view of the Atlantic and a deeper insight into the issues and solutions to restoring ocean health

David Sussmann Bermuda May 2022

“The Pure Ocean Challenge allows us to combine science with sailing and we will be collecting data to help further our understanding of the state of our ocean. Despite how integral it is to life on earth, regulating the climate and providing a food source for millions of people, the majority of our ocean is largely unknown.

“I also hope that by learning more about our seas, people will take an interest in our wider work. Pure Ocean supports innovative and ambitious scientific projects for the protection of biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems. The foundation also holds events to increase public understanding of the critical situation our ocean faces.

“Pure Ocean has one main mission which is to support innovative and ambitious applied research projects for the protection of biodiversity and marine ecosystems. Projects are selected by our scientific committee composed of marine and climate experts. The selected projects must demonstrate ecological, technological or social innovation and high potential impact.

“One of the most recent funded projects is a study of manta rays’ movements and fishing pressure in Mozambique using satellite sensing methods. An Australian-based team will be developing a ‘cocktail’ to boost coral larvae survival rates.

“In Italy, another team will be mapping and monitoring vulnerable Mediterranean habitats through underwater structure-from-motion photogrammetry. NatureMetrics is a technological start-up that uses cutting-edge genetic techniques to monitor and analyze biodiversity. Oceano Vox is another start-up focused on in-situ data collection improving the detection of extreme weather events.

“Pure Ocean depends on private philanthropy in order to support these projects. Thus, we organize various events throughout the year – many sports oriented – as a means of raising both funds and awareness about ocean protection. We also promote dialogue, via numerous conferences and informal events, bringing together donors, industrial actors, marine scientists, other NGO’s and our ambassadors, building greater awareness about the threats facing our ocean and potential solutions.

“In 2021 we launched the ‘La Goutte Bleue, the bag that cares for the ocean’, campaign. Offering an easy means for individuals and companies to act for environmental protection by doing waste clean-ups, La Goutte Bleue is a blue 30-liter bag made from seaweed and recycled plastics. Proceeds from the sale of La Goutte Bleue go towards financing research projects.”

When asked if the event will be held annually, Mr. Sussmann told Bernews, “That is absolutely our aim and we already have interest from a number of teams for next year. It’s a competitive way for these professional athletes to head back to Europe for the summer racing calendar following the Caribbean winter regatta season.

“Our longer term vision is to have racing boats create specific ‘charters’ where a mix of professional and amateur sailors who maybe don’t have the level of experience can take part in an exciting and impactful adventure and maybe break a sailing record too.

“After we arrive in Lorient, France, we want to use the power of the sport of sailing to convene key stakeholders concerned about protecting the ocean to discuss ways in which we can work together to restore ocean health. And if anyone who reads this is inspired to take part then please contact mission@pure-ocean.org and we can discuss how you can help our mission.”

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