Guinea Pigs ‘Dumped’ In The Spittal Pond Area

August 17, 2022 | 10 Comments

The Government has reminded the public “not to release unwanted pets into the environment” following reports of several guinea pigs being dumped in the Spittal Pond area.

A Government spokesperson said, “Following reports of several guinea pigs dumped within the boundary of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, located off South Road, Smiths, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) wish to remind the public not to release unwanted pets into the environment.

“While guinea pigs are trendy and endearing pets, they are also prolific breeders and voracious eaters that can cause significant ecological damage to sensitive habitats and crops.

“Releasing unwanted pets into the environment can significantly impact the natural balance of Bermuda’s flora and fauna. Individuals wishing to give up ownership of their pets should contact the SPCA.

“DENR is investigating this matter and will take the appropriate action to ensure that these animals do not become established and infest the nature reserve or other parts of the island.

“As a reminder, abandoning domestic animals, including guinea pigs, is an offence under the Care and Protection of Animals Act 1975.

“Persons who commit an offence under this act are subject to prosecution with a summary conviction carrying up to a $1000 fine or 12 months imprisonment or both.”

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  1. maddog says:

    STOP BUYING YOUR KIDS PETS – they take time and money and commitment – if you cannot be a responsible parent how will you expect your kids to be responsible? So many parents “give in” and then the cuteness and interest wears off – that is where the responsibility comes in, you can’t just decide oh I don’t want this anymore – so irresponsible. And letting them free in the wild? what are you thinking exactly? That this is a good thing? Not to mention the eco system….but How about if you left your children in the wild to fend for themselves after you have looked after their needs their entire lives….they would be terrified. You people really need your heads examined.

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Unfortunately stupid is for life. Their aint no fixing it. I can’t understand why someone would not just gift them to another family or back to the pet store? Probably the same lazy individuals that dump their trash on Vesey street instead of going a few hundred more yards to Tynes Bay.

  2. trufth says:

    “As a reminder, abandoning domestic animals, including guinea pigs, is an offence under the Care and Protection of Animals Act 1975.

    It’s also a real azz#ole thing to do! It is animal abuse plain and simple. Why not give the pets away or not have them in the 1st place. What is wrong with Bermuda?
    Animal abuse is pure evil.

    • animals better than people says:

      what’s wrong a large percentage of the islands population has completely lost the plot and i regrettably refer more to the younger generation.,With this type of attitude we are truly sunk

  3. Janie Hollis says:

    I think that it is time for the Government to stop people from bringing in any more pets. When things cool off then allow it again.

  4. puzzled says:

    Well I am sure they are not driving down from somerset and st.davids to drop them off.
    It’s a Smiths problem easily solved.
    Wasted my thyme here.

    • Fisherman says:

      St. David’s has them too. Passenger on bus saw them in a location snd said it was reported. Creatures have probably moved by now.

  5. MD says:

    That’s fine and dandy but I wish they’d do something bout all the damn chickens squawking at ungodly hours. They multiply like rabbits too

  6. That’s pretty horrible. Couldn’t they have left it at the shelter, maybe they can find new homes for the guinea pigs?

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