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September 1, 2022

[Opinion column written by MP Jache Adams]

Across Bermuda, the impact of a fractured global economy has touched far too many of us. In response, your PLP Government acted swiftly to implement our Economic Recovery Plan designed to get our people back to work, revitalize and diversify our economy, and invest in our infrastructure.

A priority list of 31 initiatives focusing exclusively on government action with the highest and broadest impact on our medium-term economic growth and employment is currently in motion. These 31 initiatives form seven core categories:

  • 1. Economic Diversification
  • 2. Financial Markets
  • 3. Infrastructure Investment
  • 4. Expanding the Resident Population
  • 5. Labour Market & Social Development Measures
  • 6. Healthcare
  • 7. Regulatory Framework

As we continue to focus on executing these initiatives I would like to highlight some of the progress we are making in three of these categories namely Labour Market and Social Development Measures, Infrastructure Investment, and Financial Markets.

Labour Market and Social Development Measures

Your government believes in Bermudians and recognizes that we need to invest in preparing our people to compete in our economy, keep our youth on the right path, and provide avenues for those who have made mistakes to still succeed in the 21st century Bermuda economy.

That is why we have launched our National Reemployment Strategy, aimed to create employment opportunities, enhance the Labour supply, and promote equality and equity in our Labour market; All while building a more robust workforce through information, training, and education.

We are making steady progress in this space, including:

  • Delivering 13 new training, career development, and employment programs
  • Providing over 650 Bermudians with the opportunity to participate in the various face-to-face, on-the-job, online, and virtual learning webinars, internships, apprenticeships, and trainee programs.
  • 70 Bermudians successfully placed in part-time or full-time jobs because of these initiatives

Since late 2020 over 388 unemployed Bermudians have found employment through the Department of Workforce Development’s Job Board and I urge those seeking employment to contact the department as they continue to do great work assisting those return to the workforce.

Infrastructure Investment

Your government also recognizes that Bermuda is facing an affordable housing crisis and as a result, as part of our Infrastructure Investment, we seek to expand the number of affordable homes in Bermuda for Bermudians.

Through the Bermuda Housing Corporation, several housing initiatives are underway or completed: This includes the fully completed redevelopment of Ripton Cottage. The Salvation Army Block B is nearing completion. The refurbishment of apartments at Harmony Block B finishes in early 2023. The Battery Road loft 2-bedroom apartments and 3 studio apartments are in the planning stages, and the Regent House 4 bedroom/2-bathroom units are in the planning stages

These investments may not make the headlines but are making a real difference in the living conditions of many Bermudians.

Financial Markets

Your government has heard from you on the doorstep about how mortgage rates hurt our families and economy. That is why a pilot mortgage guarantee programme will start later this year allowing for lower mortgage rates for the customer. The programme will assist new home buyers and those with existing mortgages as well. Your government, with an unwavering commitment to building a nation of owners, will continue to work to provide opportunities for Bermudians to purchase or hold on to their piece of the rock.

The world is going through tough times, and unfortunately, Bermuda has not been exempted from the economic struggles that many in our global community face. Despite this, your PLP government is listening and taking action to get Bermudians back to work and reduce the economic pressure on working families.

As a government we understand more must be done but when considering the above initiatives, coupled with the fact that our Tourism figures this year are above expectation, we’ve now witnessed 4 consecutive quarters of GDP growth, and are seeing steady improvements in the working population, I support the independent assessment of S&P when they say “Economic recovery in Bermuda is underway”

- MP Jache Adams, Constituency 19 – Pembroke West

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    It’s like a recurring nightmare having all this propaganda day after day. Mostly fake news and made up stories. Where is Jewel Bank located so we can bank with it? When will the renovation of Southampton Princess start, and at what cost to the taxpayer Clearly hoping these 2 issues amongst many others promised but that have never happened will be forgotten in the deluge of PLP BS. Is it all to try and prop up Premier Burt in the face of all the failures?

  2. sandgrownan says:

    I wonder if all the self-flagellation is aimed at us, the weary public, or designed to keep the PLP soldiers in lock step behind the Emperor.

    It has to be one or other, but who is buying this? Anyone? The numbers simply do not add up.

  3. You kidding! says:

    Get real…! Wake up and smell the coffee! The Island is going to ruins in a hand basket ! Thanks, PLP…!

  4. unknown800k says:

    cant beleive anyone that says theyll be around after campaigning for election.
    Typical like the rest