Casino Licence Granted To St Regis Resort

October 7, 2022

The Bermuda Gaming Commission granted Bermuda’s first casino licence to the St. Regis Bermuda Resort.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda’s established legislative framework for the licensing and opening of a casino involves a three-stage process. Following an extensive and in-depth suitability review, the Bermuda Gaming Commission have granted Bermuda’s first casino licence to Hotelco Bermuda Holding Ltd. o/a St. Regis Bermuda Resort.

“The Commission have determined that the applicant has met the legislative suitability requirements for a licence under the Gaming Act and Regulations.

“The issuance of the licence permits the applicant to address necessary steps to comply with all the legislative requirements to open the casino.

“These are predominantly operational in nature which will include, but are not limited to, the establishment of the casino’s compliance committee, the finalization of internal controls to ensure compliance with the statutory framework, the recruitment and training of employees, and the purchase, shipping and installation of gaming equipment and systems.

“The opening date of the casino is entirely dependent on the casino operator meeting all legislative requirements for opening which will be subject to the Commission’s review and approval. The Commission continues to be ready to effect regulatory and supervisory responsibilities.”

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    Egomeir doing some juggling
    Where’s my bulbs

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Rather like the new bus schedule that will be finished soon, very soon, after 20 years. Read between the lines and St Regis will be lucky if the casino is actually up and running before 2026. Just as well tourists don’t come here to visit a casino, though it is a gamble to get here at all.

  3. kevin says:

    It Must be Election time ..burt is in overdive are 4 years too late ….america has casinos on every corner …what a dummy cant fix stupid ….lets give it to them and they will vote us in ….we screwed them good for the past 3 years and me and my mates made $$$$$ ..plp = to a screwed bermuda