Govt Wins Award For Use Of Polyethylene Pipes

October 3, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Government was recently awarded a National Government Leadership Award by the Alliance for PE [Polyethylene] Pipe.

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A spokesperson said, “The award recognises the valuable work of the Bermuda Government in the implementation of the Water and Wastewater Master Plan [WWMP], the correct use of PE pipes and the great work of the Bermuda Land Development Company [BLDC] in facilitating the start-up of a fusion training and certification protocol on the island.

“J. Tarik Christopher, the Principal Engineer for Sewage in the Ministry of Public Works, and Stephen Tucker, the Special Projects Manager at BLDC, represented the Bermuda Government at the INFUSION22 conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last month.

“The Annual INFUSION Conference is attended by people and companies connected to the thermoplastic pipe fusion industry. It is an opportunity to interact, share ideas and learn from hundreds of other like-minded experts from around the globe.

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“The Alliance for PE Pipe is an Organisation comprised of leaders in the High-Density Polyethylene Pipe [HDPE] industry who are committed to improving PE pipe in municipal water systems.

“Their goal is to help leaders in the US and Canada realise the real-world benefits and long-term cost-effectiveness of using PE pipes.

“The Alliance has a Municipal Leadership Award programme, of which The National Government Leadership Award is one award category.

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“During the first day of the event, the PE Alliance presented a case study on the Bermuda WWMP and the island’s use of the HDPE.

“After the presentation, Mr Christopher and Mr Tucker fielded many questions from an interested audience. The award was presented to the Bermudian team on the second day of the conference.”

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch stated: “The deployment of HDPE piping shows that Bermuda’s technology remains on the cutting edge and that our Ministry teams have consistently demonstrated that they have the right experience and competence to carry out complex tasks.

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“Bermuda’s infrastructure will be transformed once the Water and Wastewater Master Plan is fully carried out.

“Part of the plan will see trenching in St George’s and Southside and will entirely replace pumping stations, piping, waste treatment plants, and water-producing plants and address the long-held complaints of residents in these areas.”

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