Govt: Payroll Tax Rebate Available Today

October 19, 2022 | 7 Comments

“I am pleased to announce that the payroll tax rebate that this Government promised in July for workers making less than $96,000, is being delivered today,” said Premier and Finance Minister, David Burt.

“It is regrettable that this innovative first-time programme was delayed as we ensured that there were no issues with the Auditor General when these funds are audited. However, I am pleased that the Government is now moving forward on tax relief for working families. 75% of Bermuda’s workforce is eligible to apply for this payroll benefit today.

A spokesperson said, “The payroll tax rebate is available for eligible persons making less than $96,000 per the Public Treasury [Administration and Payments] [Salary Based Benefit] Regulations 2022.

“A person who was an employee or self-employed at any time between July 1st 2021, and ending on June 30th 2022, can apply for the benefit if they meet the salary requirements and other criteria in the Regulations.

  • “Persons earning less than $60,000 annually will receive a $250 benefit;
  • “Persons earning between $60,000 and less than $96,000 will receive a $100 benefit.

“Eligible persons can apply online at The deadline for online application submission is no later than 15th December 2022. It is anticipated that payment will normally be made in 10 business days once all required information is submitted and processed.

“You are only eligible to receive the benefit for your principal job. Your “principal job” means the employment in which most of your salary earnings came from during the relevant period.

“To complete the application, you will need:

  • “Your Social Insurance Number.
    • “If you do not know your Social Insurance Number, please contact your employer in the first instance, as they should have your Social Insurance Number on file. If needed, you can obtain your number from the Department of Social Insurance at 294-9242 or email
  • “If you are self-employed, you will need your Payroll Tax ID [xxx-xxxxxx] issued by the Office of the Tax Commissioner [OTC].
  • “If you are an employee, you will need your employer’s contact information, including email address, so that they can provide a Payroll Tax ID and confirm your employment details.
  • “A scan or photo of Government issued ID:
    • “Driver’s License
    • “Passport
    • “Official Work Permit Card
  • “A scan, photo, pdf or screenshot of your bank statement that includes your name, address, full account number and the bank’s logo. Please cross out [redact] any dollar amounts.

“While the Government is doing its best to reduce the administrative burden on employers, and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible, the employer has an active and critical role in supporting their employees’ applications once submitted. There will be an online landing page or email alert for them separately to verify their employee’s details before being progressed for review.

“Additionally, taxi owners will need to provide a scan, photo, pdf or screenshot of Taxi Vehicle Registration to demonstrate they were owners having paid their flat rate of payroll tax fee as of June 30th 2022. Please note, per the Regulations, a motor taxi owner who owns more than one taxi shall receive the benefit only for one taxi.

“Persons should triple-check that they provide the correct contact details for themselves, and their employers, as well as correct banking and personal details to avoid delays in verification and payment. For enquiries about this salary-based benefit, please email”

Premier Burt concluded, “As I have said previously, as Government financial performance continues to improve and we consider the impact of this improved performance on the total budget, we may be able to increase the relief we are providing to Bermudian families and even possibly expand the rebates we are giving to taxpayers.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “It is regrettable that this innovative first-time programme was delayed as we ensured that there were no issues with the Auditor General when these funds are audited.”

    That message makes a vague reference to the Auditor General, as if she is to blame for the delay, but what it says is that “we ensured that there were no issues”.

    So why mention the Auditor General at all?

  2. wowzer says:

    Ole Buddy Burt really rolling out the election treats fast and furious

  3. Shleist says:

    Eh! There are people who make $80G – 96G who can work a Saturday and make $400-$600 for that day. What is a measly $100 going to do? My Electric Bill last month was over $600 for a small two bedroom unit. Average electricity use for a family. My grocery bill last week was an outrageous $450! Family of five. No seafood, Steak or luxury type items. Just the basics! $100 dollars only puts a tiny dent in the cost of living for a few days. If I found or someone gave me $100, great! I didn’t have to do anything for it!
    I Don’t care to go through hoops and ladders online uploading this and that ,looking up numbers at the end of a long workday just for this silly $100. Try $300 and up. Then I would go for it. Just in time for election! What a joke. Sorry. Loop-de-doo. Try some decent cost of living raises. We haven’t had that in many years! All we are is WORTHLESS!

    • iyiyi says:

      This is just another example of why the middle class is exiting the island !

  4. Marine Life says:

    With another 48 busses canceled just this afternoon, Thursday 20 Oct., this shows along with many other infrastructure dilemmas across the Island, many of you who are observant know what they are, just reiterates the overall heath of Our Government is in bad shape. Has been for the last number of years. Don’t be fooled people.

  5. Shleist says:

    Question: Is This to coincidental? These last couple days, I pay you $100. You got me covered? 75% of the population. Check✅
    Me: I work for my money. I don’t take bribes. I’m honest, and that is what I will stay. Principles. Substance of character.
    Someone tell me if I’m wrong. I smell a rat, so I will stay away. The devil is a disguise artist. He is a real being. He is a spirit creature. Sadly he takes many human victims without them even knowing. Mind games. Trickery. Others pay attention and keep clear of being bought into schemes. Peace of mind and spirit.

  6. D. Haley says:

    Can someone please clarify me?

    Is the rebate calculated per month from July 1st 2021 through June 30th 2022? For example, $1100.00 or $2750.00 for that 11 month period or just a one-off $100 or $250?

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