OBA: CPI Timing Was ‘Awfully Convenient’

November 6, 2022

The publication of the Consumer Price Index “immediately after the Throne Speech seems awfully convenient,” OBA Deputy Leader Jarion Richardson said, adding that the Government must explain why  it “was delayed.”

Mr Richardson said, “The publication of the July 2022 Consumer Price Index immediately after the Throne Speech seems awfully convenient.

“Previous economic statistics were typically published in the middle of the month [e.g. January on 6 April, February 13 May, etc.]. But July’s numbers, which were supposed to be released mid-October, were not released and no reason given for it.

“Then in a 2 November story, the RG noted that the Department of Statistics had actually prepared the statistics. But the Ministry of Economy and Labour still hadn’t released the information.

“Then on 4 November, the Government’s Throne Speech is given and the following day the economic statistics are released. Those statistics paint a continuing bleak picture for Bermuda and show why the Throne Speech was inadequate for today’s challenges.

“The Government must explain why was the July 2022 Consumer Price Index was delayed until after the Throne Speech. Otherwise, this conduct will be seen as nothing less than suspicious.”

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