OBA: ‘Why Has It Taken So Long To Answer?’

December 2, 2022 | 13 Comments

A question about the contract and TA fees “was first submitted in September for reply and for months, the Government has been unresponsive,” Shadow Health Minister Michael Dunkley said, asking “why has it taken so long to answer?”

Mr. Dunkley said, “During the sitting of Parliament today, I eagerly anticipated finally having the questions on the order paper regarding the Travel Authorization fee answered by Health Minister, the Hon. Kim Wilson.

“However, I was surprised and concerned that the first question requesting the Minister provide the full contract with ResQwest as it relates to Covid services was not answered.

“This question was first submitted in September for reply and for months, the Government has been unresponsive. Today that did not change!

“Why has it taken so long to answer? Is there something to hide? The people deserve to know and as their representatives in Parliament we have a right to access the information.

“The other two questions focused on the money raised through the travel authorization fee and the amounts paid to ResQwest

“Parliament was informed that ResQwest received $4,362,655.00 between November 1st 2021 and October 31st 2022. It is likely when you add in funding received before November 1st 2021, that the company has received over $5 million for a no bid contract that is not available for Parliament to review. In October of 2022 alone ResQwest was paid $2,008,078.

“Hon. Minister Wilson was also asked if the early ending of the TA was subject to a penalty clause. The answer was that she did not have the information at the time. Can you imagine; ending a contract and do not have the information or you are not aware of a penalty clause!

“Can you also imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the OBA had done this? No doubt the PLP, and the now defunct People’s Campaign, would be shouting from the rafters and marching would be taking place!

“The answer to the final question regarding the TA showed that in the last seven months [ April through October] the Government has raised $24,140,360.00 through the TA fee [tax]. This is shocking information!

“Sadly under this PLP Government led by Premier David Burt the people are being trampled on and even the People’s House [ Parliament] has a hard time receiving information.

“Bermuda faces many challenges after Covid, and many are not due to the pandemic. The government needs to listen to the people. Be open and transparent.”

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  1. Transparency says:

    Yah we need some answers this is outrageous…. Bermudians ned answers enuff is enuff what happends in the dark comes put in the light

  2. Reflections of? says:

    It’s going to take some time for ResQwest to do the paperwork and change ownership so that when Gov report back with the answer, it won’t be the same original owners and those F&F members will be not mentioned on a technicality.

    If the minister cancel the contract without knowing whether or not there were penalties to be paid, That would mean she’s either not informed, incompetent or lying.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Wilson is a lawyer who refuses to provide a copy of the contract and doesn’t know if there is a penalty clause? Does she not need to comply with professional standards expected of a lawyer?

  4. Geoff says:

    We all why know they aren’t responding…

  5. Marine life says:

    Meanwhile, those working in Government keep getting the short-End of the plot. Our Government departments are getting short-changed and under-funded. Either low-quality supplies or none at all to do our every-day work.
    It is very frustrating and angering that we have to deal with this stupidity, and we see government giving away many millions for outside or private companies. Government wages have gone way behind over the last 15+ years.
    It is downright difficult out here and watch us go to our Knees very soon while Gov’t keeps helping everybody else but Bermudians.
    I smell a RAT with this Bio-Waste situation as well. So the containers are on Gov’t land from Southside? The Moneytrail plot is thickening. Nothing comes for free. Time is money and so is space! I don’t trust this at all. No doubt, Taxpayer money will be wasted on this. Just watch the continued time frame to repackage and deal with this bio-waste slop situation, literally. Just saying….just watching.

  6. VIP says:

    Why is the OBA never winning another election Milkman? I used to vote for your team and that’s the truth my old colleague!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Tell me why (assuming it’s true). Why will you always vote for failure and incompetence going forward?

      • History repeats says:

        How can you expect black Bermudians to flip flop over to a racist party that changed its name to hide from its racist past mistakes. Why do you honestly believe it was 30-6? The OBAUBP is forever viewed as the UBP. The people would rather not vote for your party ever again. You can try and replace jarrion with Cole but it will not work. How dumb are you? Doesn’t matter now anyway Mr. Curtis Dickinson will be the next leader beating your party by another landslide victory and people just like you will call him every name under the sun, again revealing your racist attitude.

        • Double s says:

          Then don’t. But you and your kin will feel the effects from your blind voting habits as the inept PLP that can’t even be bothered to show up for work despite a massive majority. Which is actually a positive thing as it gives fewer opportunities to screw up BDA.

          Now here is a challenge for you, name one thing (policy, action etc.)that would see the OBA labelled as a ‘racist party.’ I can easily do it for the PLP over successive administrations.

          • Former member of oba says:

            If the UBP wasn’t a racist party why did they switch it’s name to OBA. I was one of your members that push for a name change because the higher up in the party knew very well black supporters had departed. You can’t continue to deny this is the very reason why we did what we did collectively. The UBP merged with the BDA party and although we won the first election it will never take place again and my kin and others will never vote for folks like you again.

        • sandgrownan says:

          What a load of nonsense. Keep repeating the same old lie, it is all you have.

        • Tucker says:

          You’re referring to the PLP…the only racist party in Bermuda…homophobic AF as well…but you bigots love that!

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