RBR Help Build Regional Public Order Capacity

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Soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment were praised for their “professionalism and expertise” after they delivered public order training to officers from seven Caribbean countries.

A spokesperson said, “A group of four, led by Warrant Officer Class Two Shaun Williams, travelled to Barbados last month to work with people from member states of the Regional Security System.

“The two-week exercise was designed to equip security forces – including police and prison officers – with the tactics required to safely maintain public order and to create a standard for techniques across the RSS network.”

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Lieutenant Commander Brian Roberts, the Regional Security System’s director of training, said: “The RSS is happy with the public order training conducted by the Royal Bermuda Regiment. The professionalism and expertise of the RBR team was profound and was instrumental in the successful attainment of the training objectives.

“I commend the team for a job well done and we look forward to future engagements and strengthening of our partnership.”

He added: “The training allowed RSS member states to refresh their public order skills and update the RSS Public Order doctrine.

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“It also upgraded RSS trainers’ capabilities to build capacity in the security forces in their respective countries.”

The spokesperson said, “The RSS was first formed more than 40 years ago out of a need for a collective response to security threats.

“It aims to ensure the stability and wellbeing of member states, to help maximise regional security for the preservation of social and economic development.

“Two women and 22 men took part in the recent training.

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“They came from seven RSS member states: Antigua and Barbuda; Barbados; Dominica; Grenada; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.”

The RBR’s Sergeant Major Williams, who returned to Bermuda last weekend, said: “We gave them a realistic way of training for public order, which is riot training.

“It’s a different concept from what they’re used to. They’re used to using a six-foot shield and we use a four-foot shield.

“Also, the tactics are different – we taught them about being able to manoeuvre more, as opposed to being pretty much static.”

He added: “We tried to help them understand that within public order the situation changes, you have to be prepared for that change and you have to make decisions accordingly.

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“We wanted them to understand the duty of care – not only to ourselves as the security forces – but to civilians as well.”

The spokesperson said, “Lessons included advancing on crowds, correct use of batons, human rights issues and rules of engagement.

“Sgt Maj Williams, who was joined in Barbados by the RBR’s Colour Sergeant Timothy Furr, Colour Sergeant Sergio White and Sergeant Damir Armstrong, said the team set up scenarios that were as realistic – yet safe – as possible, to better prepare officers in case of a public order incident.”

He added: “We had petrol bombs as part of the training. We took the participants through the drills of what’s to happen if a petrol bomb is thrown at their feet or their shield, and also what happens if they are on fire.

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“With making it realistic, they develop more confidence in their kit and equipment – they actually see that the coveralls they wear would help to mitigate a fire.”

Sgt Maj Williams said: “They learned a lot from it, they were able to take a lot back home and, at some point, they should be able to teach their own units.”

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