Brownies Help Clean Up On Earth Day

April 23, 2023 | 1 Comment

The first Devonshire Brownies and First West Pembroke Brownies celebrated Earth Day by holding a clean-up.

A spokesperson said, “The first Devonshire Brownies and First West Pembroke Brownies celebrated Earth Day by clearing out bottles hidden in the bushes leading to Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club, picking up litter on the rocky coast near the small bridge which leads into the Coney Island Beach, and picking up litter on the beach area of Coney Island.

Brownies Earth Day Bermuda April 23 2023

“They noted large masses of seaweed on the rocky coast that drifted in and discovered huge amounts of plastics caught up amidst the seaweed. This enhanced discussion and desire of further in-depth exploration of the impact of plastics on ocean life.

“Their knowledge was facilitated by the talks given to several schools by Greenrock representatives this past week. They were able to explain how plastics get into the ocean and the impact of plastics on marine life . They listened to the older Brownies who were able to shed light on how one could trace the origin of the plastics by looking for writing on larger intact plastics.

“The older girls who were treated to talks by former Executive Director, Anne Hyde, were able to share with the younger members the details of the journey of litter from faraway shores to our shorelines.

“The girls collected 8 bags of beer bottles from the bushes and 6 bags of rubbish from the shorelines. When they reached the beach at the end of the 90 minute journey, they put their feet overboard and washed their hands, sanitized, then enjoyed a Teddy Bear Picnic.

“Leaders and helpers who organized this special service project were Brown Owl Cathy Bassett, Tawny Owl Danica Bascome, and parent and nana helpers Carolann Furbert and Jameela Henry.

“This service project will be followed up by a project on the perils of plastics in the ocean along with an exhibition of Sanitized Shoreline Plastics Trash Art, which is a part of their badge work.”

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  1. Thank you!!! says:

    Good job! Way to go girls! The world is in good hands with all of you!!

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