Video: Bermuda Inspired Cupcakes Virtual Gallery

May 14, 2023

Hibiscus flowers, frangipani flowers, treefrogs, turtles, motor scooters, humpback whales, fish, and more are some of the items included in this Bermuda-inspired cupcake virtual art photo gallery for Mother’s Day, the latest installment of Bernews’ series of ‘Virtual Shows’.

This marks the 14th in a series of ‘Virtual Art Shows’ by Bernews highlighting some of the island’s many skilled photographers and artists, as well as our own images and designs. You can view the first one here which showcases submissions to the Dr. Reg Grundy Annual Youth Photography Competition, and the second one here, which celebrated Valentine’s Day with unique Bermuda-themed graphics.

You can view the third one here which features flowers from across the island, the fourth one here which features the 2022 SailGP event, and the fifth one here which features artistic renditions of the island’s iconic Gombeys, the sixth one here which features the many boats that navigate Bermuda’s waters, the seventh one here which showcases Bermuda’s wetlands, the eighth one here which celebrated Valentine’s Day with the ‘Love Underwater’ theme, and the ninth one here which celebrated World Wildlife Day, the tenth one here which features the Nova Mas costume launch, the 11th one here which features Bermuda’s beaches, the 12th one here which celebrated Easter in Bermudian style, and the 13th one here which features the Convex End-to-End event.

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